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Local Talent Brings Folks Together as We Wait for Spring

Last Sunday (April 5) Ethel Pike’s Facebook page was abuzz with praise for Vershire’s annual performance showcase. “Last night our little town held it's annual Cabaret, a small gathering featuring all things musical. Best of all, after a long winter it was great to see so many smiling faces. Even though we are small, life takes us in many directions, often this is one of the few or the only time I see some.

“Small children, students and faculty from the Mountain School, neighbors and a few folks from our neighboring small towns of Chelsea and Corinth give us very personal gifts of talent and the willingness to share. We are fortunate to have professional musicians too who send us out into the night with a light step.”

“It was another sell-out show, and the audience as well as the performers all had a great time,” proclaimed Deb Kingsbury, coordinator of the yearly fundraiser. “It is the producers’ gift to the community - to bring together incredible musical talent in our area, to plant the seeds in the Mountain School students to expand upon their talents, and to have the students from the RISD [Rivendell Interstate School District] work and view the event. And what a delight for the audience… magical.

“Carl Choquette does an awesome job with the lighting, and Jack [Kruse] is an MC like no other - he jumped in on his trumpet for two sets as well! David Hooke not only produced and hosted, and then added his Maine Humor as only he could do!

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"As for me," Deb continued, "I organize, set up the seating and reservations, and bake the intermission cakes - although this year’s biggest demand was for Cynthia Bazzano's cheesecake. Many thanks to her for not only performing, but baking!”

From instrumental and vocal music to choreography and storytelling, Vershire’s talent spans a wide range. Mountain School students just passing through, residents who have moved here from “away” and native-born Vermonters together make up the roster of this evening of entertainment each April. Around thirty performers in all take turns, solo or in ensemble, occupying the Vershire Town Hall stage in front of the antique painted curtain depicting a placid scene from ancient history. Proceeds from this sold-out event will support repairs at VerShare’s historic Church-Orr House.

In later correspondence Ethel added, “I love the encouragement the audience offers the amateurs, child and adult alike. The opportunity for older children to try on ‘grown up roles’ as servers and hosts under Deb's guidance [is] often their first ‘job’!

“Jack's wit is as much a treat as his trumpet. How he fills time as performers set up is pretty amazing since most of his banter is off the cuff and funny. It is just fun! I am grateful to ‘house professionals’ Sam, Ted and Linda who anchor the performances and Deb, Carl and Ted for sound, light and lemon cake!”

Ethel closed her Facebook post with grateful optimism. “In our current world that seems so divisive and bleak, this morning the sun is shining and I am filled with gratitude for a town that knows how to come together to celebrate the mud of Spring, community, and the Spirit of the human soul.”

Thanks to Tina Choquette and Kareen Obydol-Alexandre for the fabulous photos!  

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