1945 Fatal Fire West Wheelock Street

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April 14, 1945 Today in Hanover and Dartmouth College History

                                                                13 West Wheelock Street Hanover NH

13 West Wheelock St located on the North side of West Wheelock Street, right on the crest of the hill down to Ledyard bridge, today is an open area and serves as parking lot for Dartmouth Dining Services. Until April 14, 1945, a magnificent building constructed in 1820. The building at the time was owned by Dartmouth College and was known as the Randall Club. The building served as a dormitory for sixteen employees of the college who staffed the Thayer Dining hall.  The young women worked to feed the thousands of young sailor and students involved in the US Navy V12 program during World War 2.

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The fire that broke out early in the morning of April 14, 1945 moved rapidly through the building. The six young women residing on the third floor with a single means of egress would have almost perished if not for the actions of Anita May Woolley who reportedly raced through the halls waking her housemates from their sleep.

Miss Anita May Woolley the daughter of a furniture salesmen from Middletown Connecticut, died at Mary Hitchock Hospital seven days after the fire from the burns she suffered.

Close up of 1928 Hanover Map showing the O.A. Randall House at 13 West Wheelock St.

Aerial View showing the parking lot where the Randall House once stood

April 4 1935 fire at the Randall House

South Main St Hanover NH circa 1944-1945


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