Snow is still possible!

Snow Storm Paralyzed the Northeast April 13, 1929 and April 13, 1933!! Today in Hanover and Dartmouth College History

April 13, 1929 and April 13, 1933 both proves that "Spring" is a label, and we are not out of the woods or beyond the reach of significant snowfalls yet.  Today in Hanover and Dartmouth College History the lawns, roads and trees that were ready for spring were once again buried in snow. A snowstorm that brought more then a foot of heavy wet snow, "paralyzed" the Northeastern United States. Hanover suffered from widespread power outages after tree branches with leaves starting to develop broke off taking power and telegraph lines with them.

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The ground frost was mostly gone and the weight of the snow uprooted trees causing damage to cars and buildings throughout the town.

April 13, 1933

North College at Elm St  April 13, 1933

                                              April 13, 1933 Wentworth Street in front of Baker Library

April 13, 1933 North Main St at Webster Ave

East Wheelock St April 13, 1933 Topliff, New Hampshire, Wilson and the Hanover Inn

Enjoy todays weather, but keep your boots at the ready!!


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