Advent Christian Camp in Wilder burglarized overnight

Rustic site was just nominated for the National Register of Historic Places

WILDER, VT - Someone broke into multiple buildings, cabins, and cottages at the Advent Christian Church's small camp complex in Wilder during the pre-dawn hours of Monday morning, stealing numerous items and vandalizing several seasonal residences.

    Police do have several important clues since a green car was seen in the area around 4:30 a.m. by camp member Tom Lossee who reported the break-ins to Hartford Police.

    "That car was loaded to the gills with stuff," an exasperated Lossee said Monday morning as police officers went from building to building documenting the damage and collecting evidence.

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    Joe Trottier, who has acted as the caretaker for the out-of-sight site said that in his 21 years on the job "This is the first major break-in.  We've had teenagers paint on things but never this kind of damage."

Longtime Caretaker Joe Trottier called out-of-state owners to tell them about the burglaries.

    Trottier said the worst single incident was probably a cottage that had a glass encased table full of antique keepsakes smashed and a wide-screen television taken.  

Hartford Police Officers Sean Fernandes and Eric Clifford checked each cottage.

    The camp, which sits on an embankment right between a large cemetery and the Connecticut River, was opened in 1887 and comprises 30 buildings, over half of which are antique private cottages.   What the cottages lack in modern amenities they make up for in nostalgic charm and many have been passed down for generations by members of the Advent Church.  The entire 7-acre site, which used to be accessed by its own small stop on a nearby railroad tracks, was nominated early this year by the Hartford Selectboard for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.  That application is currently being reviewed by the State of Vermont.

The burglar, or burglars, tossed some family's keepsakes into the roadways

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