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Lisa Nichols

We did the impossible and tamed our KidKraft® storage bins.

We own a set of pastel KidKraft® storage bins that seem to be a rite of passage for anyone dealing with kids in the under-five set.

I bought it several years ago to organize our art stuff, because we were slowly suffocating under a pile of coloring books, pipe cleaners, crayons, beads of every shape and color, and glue sticks. At first, the bins worked great:

Look how organized we are, sort of.

You can already see signs of failure brewing in this photo. Nothing is really "organized;" the rack is just a colorful way of keeping stuff off the floor, which doesn't even work when you leave the bin on the floor, kid. Also: why do you have my cell phone? 

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Within a few weeks, the bins deteriorated into an abyss of humanity. When I said “pick up the living room,” my kids heard, “throw our junk in The Bins.” They became a visual reminder of my shoddy housekeeping skills, which I handled by shoving them out of sight to the front porch. The bins, I mean. Not the kids.

Armed with a label maker and garbage bag, Kyle and I set out to tame The Bins on a recent kid-free weekend. We enjoy these tender moments when we can throw their stuff away without getting caught.

It was magical. We not only restored order, but we also found all kinds of long-lost items. For example, every pen and Sharpie we’ve purchased and supposedly lost since 2014:

We found so many spare Legos that we labeled a bin just for them because let's face it, there's no way to contain those tiny buggers. We also found dozens of elastic hair ties. I’d take a picture, but we’ve since lost them all again.

There was also history in the chaos. We donated or tossed lots of toys and games the girls have outgrown. It doesn’t seem so long ago that they played with coloring books, singing Fisher-Price toys, and 25-piece puzzles with huge pieces that once posed a challenge. The mess keeps changing as the kids change, and I know I’ll miss it some day.

But not today.

It's so beautiful. Nobody touch it.


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