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How to Spot Misplaced New Englanders

Submitted 2 years ago
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Kate Bascom

So you find yourself outside of New England and in a strange land. Here's how to spot your fellow misplaced New Englanders. 

1. They're sporting L.L. Bean attire.

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2. They refer to a city park as "The Green".

3. They pronounce Bangor, Maine correctly. 

4. They utter impolite words towards Aunt Jemima and the Vermont Maid. 

5.  There's a Tunbridge World's Fair sticker on the back of their car.

6.  They immediately correct people who say that New York and New Jersey are part of New England. 

7.  They have a confused look when they can't find the live lobster tank in the seafood department.

8.  They're wearing Red Sox and Patriot's Gear in broad daylight even in enemy territory.

9. They called something wicked without implying it's evil.

10. They're eating a Fluffernutter sandwich.

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