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New Book Club, Vacation Trips & More at the Vershire Library!

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When Cheryl Howe called Lynn Roy to suggest starting a book club in Vershire, she didn’t expect it to happen right away, Cheryl recounted, but... "You know Lynn, by the end of the week we had a date!" Known as Library Lynn, she is pretty well known for her enthusiasm for the Vershire Community Library, and her ability to organize and mobilize in the community around literacy and enjoying literature.

Lynn had agreed to start the book discussion group if three people showed interest, and they ended up with six gathering for the first meeting, complete with tea and cookies.  At the first meeting of the new book club, the group decided on All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. They will meet to discuss the book Thursday, May 4, at 7 p.m. at the Library, housed in VerShare’s Church-Orr House. All are welcome to join in the conversation.

Cheryl describes this novel, which she has just recently started, but is already enjoying.  “It takes place in Germany during World War II, and follows two young people. One is a little boy who is German, and lives in an orphanage. He’s looking at future of being forced to work in a coal mine, where his parents have died.  [The other is] a young girl who goes blind. They haven’t met [at least not yet]. It gives you a lot to think about, privileges and what we take for granted.” She says it's “a really good story so far.” The story earned a Pulitzer Prize a Starred Review from Booklist, and numerous accolades, and the author has won wide acclaim for his previous works. Read more about the book’s description, the author and reviews here.

Copies of All the Light You Cannot See can be found in Vermont Public Libraries, including print, audio, ebook and large print formats, and can be ordered via interlibrary loan at any library where you hold a library card or can obtain one, including the Chelsea Public Library, which owns both print and audio editions of this title. You can also buy the book or audio through your local booksellers or online (where you might consider utilizing Safeline’s Amazon Smile program to benefit that organization.)

There is no theme to the groups selections, though they have already decided on the second book, The Atomic Weight of Love by Elizabeth Church. The discussion for this book is scheduled for Thursday, June 1, also at 7 p.m., at the Vershire Library. Lynn found this title when she was looking for information online for starting a book club. She brought reviews to the first meeting and all agreed that this would follow the first book.  

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The group plans to continue reading and discussing one book per month, and will consider non-fiction as well. Lynn considered suggesting Hamilton as a discussion book since she enjoyed it so much, but at seven hundred pages or so, she thought it might be a bit more than some readers want to take on in a month. She appreciates that the group offers “something social,” and an opportunity for “getting more people into reading.”

In addition to the adult book club, other suggestions for good reading come from the volunteer librarians. Peggy Darrow, Anna Sykas, Ruth Payne, Eleanor Zue and Lynn choose a book from the Vershire Community Library to highlight each week, and post it on the Vershire list serv. Madge Morris has recently signed on as an additional library volunteer, so maybe we’ll be hearing about some of her favorite books.

Sometimes a book just grabs you, and you don't get very far before you're completely captivated

The most recent Book of the Week came from Lynn. “This week I am recommending Nora’s Ark by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock.  It’s one of the many wonderful stories that this Vermont author has written.  It tells about a family’s experience during the flood of November 1927.  All of Natalie’s stories are based on her own family’s experiences and give a warm feel for life in Vermont.  The illustrations, by Emily Arnold Cully, capture the high spirits of Vermont folk as they rally to help their neighbors – [people] and animals!”

Lynn coordinates a rotating roster of volunteer librarians for Saturday mornings 10-1, volunteer-staffing the tiny institution on Thursday afternoons 2-5 with Andrea Harrington and Laura Craft, and offering Story Time Wednesday mornings 10-11:30.  The library’s collection features a majority of books for children with some great selections for teens and adults as well, and the classic “chair-and-a-half” which is just the right size for a kid to snuggle up with an adult reading a good book.  This iconic item of furniture gets a lot of use!

The "Chair and a Half" can comfortably hold an adult and a child - and occasionally more!

Other volunteer offerings include van trips for kids which happen throughout the year, but especially during school vacations.  Here are some upcoming activities that kids can look forward to:

  • Tuesday, April 18: Van trip to the Upper Valley Aquatic Center in WRJ. Swimming, splashing, lazy river, etc. Van leaves at 1 and returns by 5.
  • Wednesday, April 19:Van trip to ECHO Museum in Burlington. Butterfly exhibit, walk by the lake, etc. Stop at Al’s Frys and Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory. Van leaves at 9 and returns at 4. Bring a bag lunch.
  • Thursday, April 20: Library Party – games, baking, and more! 2-5 (usual Library hours)
  • Friday, April 21:Van trip to Mountain Meadow Funplex in Canaan. Indoor sports for kids– basketball,rock climbing wall, mini golf, slides, etc. Van leaves at 12:30 and returns at 5:30.

Call Lynn at 685-3151 to reserve space on the van.

Vershire Library activities are not limited to the indoors!

The Library’s annual Book, Bake and Plant Sale is coming up on Saturday, June 10th. I know it seems like spring is taking her own sweet time in getting here, but really, summer is right around the corner! Donations of books, plants, and baked goods are welcome for this fun event. Help in preparing, running, and clean-up are also appreciated.  Call 685-3151 to see how you may be able to help.  This is one of my favorite sources of reading material as we have some fascinating readers in our community, who also happen to be very generous in supporting our Library.

Featuring the "Plant" portion of the annual Book, Bake & Plant sale - June 10th this year.

Looking even further ahead, the Vershire Community Library will celebrate its 15th anniversary this August, so watch for details on that exciting occasion. Meanwhile, my advice is to cozy up with a good book and wait for spring - maybe it will arrive before you get to the “...happily ever after!”

'Tis the season for reading - any time of year!

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