4 Netflix Detective Shows to Get Hooked On

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I absolutely love, love this show: a well done modern take on Sherlock Holmes.  Benedict Cumberbatch plays Sherlock who lives in his brilliant brain with utter disregard for other people’s feelings, but yet pulls it off in a way that humorous: quite a feat.  I love watching his keen observation and using that to solve a case or discover the inner lives of the people in his life (much to their chagrin). The supporting characters bring out Sherlock’s endearing qualities as well.  Watson is played by Martin Freeman, who gives Sherlock the what-for so as an audience member you don’t have to, and does and amazing job showing the complexity of emotion one goes through being a friend and colleague to Sherlock.  The show is highly addicting and even if you’ve seen a lot of Sherlock Holmes, I promise you: this is worth watching another adaptation!  It has won many awards including Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries and Outstanding Lead Actor and Supporting Actor in a Miniseries.

Murdoch Mysteries

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I love this show as well.  It blends two things I love: murder mysteries and history.  It is set in Toronto, Canada in the 1890s.  The show blends learning about medicine and the technology of the time effortlessly.  Plus the cast of characters all have their own unique quirks and seeing their interactions with each other throughout the series is additionally entertaining.  Like Sherlock, Murdoch is observant and seeing how he pieces together elements of the plot to figure out the criminal is very interesting.  If I start watching one, I find I always watch another.

Foyle’s War

One of my all time favorite World War II tv series.  Foyle’s War is set on the homefront in England during the war in a small town on the coast.  I like that you can see how the war plays out for people who did not fight in the battle as you try to figure out who the culprit is.  The show is fascinating to see the politics of crime during war time and how the war effort is sometimes more important than a crime on the homefront.  You also get to see the spy side of the war and how information was collected and used to help the war effort.  This show makes me think and Michael Kitchen, who plays Christopher Foyle, does an amazing job at highlighting the ethics and perspective of war and crime with his scrupulous and honest demeanor.  It was so well liked in England that after it was cancelled it was brought back by popular demand.


The beginning of the series starts out as a detective story where Sheriff Walt Longmire tries to solve various crimes in his town, while also trying to find his wife’s killer.  It is set in Wyoming and is a modern Western that even someone who’s not a fan of westerns (like me) will like.  As the series progresses more episodes deal with the conflicts with the characters and less with one specific crime to resolve in an episode and instead focuses on catching a criminal over multiple episodes.  It’s also very addicting and well done in both writing and acting.  I really enjoyed learning about the modern relationships and conflicts handling crime on and off the reservation; it was really fascinating.  I highly recommend this series!

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