Hikes, Kites and Picnics

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Lisa Ladd

Union Village Dam Recreation Area

It has been a long winter. And Spring, has been a bit challenging too.  We are all restless, including our 4-legged friends.  If you are like me, you want to give your dog a good walk on a regular basis.  But, with the ice, snow and mud it feels at time that your options are limited. I took a walk here a week ago, and plan to go again to see how much snow has disappeared with all the rain.

The Union Village Dam Recreation Area, on the Union Village side, offers plenty of safe walking on those challenging weather days.  Closed from a little after Labor Day until Memorial Day weekend, you can still park outside the gates and treat yourself to some fabulous views.  It is also a good workout, with a steep hill that switchbacks several times before you get to the top. 

Don’t have a furry friend?  Consider riding your bike, or packing a picnic.  And, for those who like to fly kites and don’t want to go through what Charlie Brown does each time he flies one, the top of the dam usually has a good breeze and plenty of open grass to run with your favorite kite in hand.

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In addition to the benefits off season, you can also take advantage of the picnic areas, and playground.  On a nice evening, you can pack a picnic, and bring your kids over for some extra outdoor time before they head to bed.  And if you want to host a big gathering, you can reserve the whole picnic shelter here.

Are you a history buff? You can learn a lot more about Thetford and the construction of the dam at the Thetford Historical Society, located in the same building as Latham Library on Thetford Hill.

Shake up your routine, offer our pets and family members a new place to explore, you won’t regret it, and you may even find yourself humming that famous tune from Mary Poppins.


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