April 14 is coming up fast. Hop on this music train in WRJ while you can!

So You Say You Want Real Bluegrass?

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Dave Celone

+++ Jes Raymond & The Blackberry Bushes, April 14 in WRJ +++

Okay, okay, so it's a mouthful of a name, yet you'll want to remember Jes Raymond & The Blackberry Bushes so when they go platinum with their uniquely sweet and hard-hitting mix of americana and bluegrass all rolled up into a sound spectrum that blows you away, you can say you saw them when they were just starting out. More to the point, you're going to love their music and that extraordinary voice of Jes Raymond's that packs a punch while making your spine tingle and your whole body move.

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I saw Jes & Jakob play at Long River Gallery & Gifts a few First Friday nights ago in WRJ. Even without their full band to back them up, they took the house down, shaking the large plate glass windows of Long River Gallery & Gifts on South Main Street along the way, and getting people of all ages up to dance who weren't expecting it to be a dance hall event!

A hat, a smile, and a voice that will blow you out of your boots as you dance. This is Jes.

Well, now comes your opportunity, and theirs, to have some fun in a real dance hall venue, The Freight House in White River Junction's newest incarnation of a cool Brooklynesque club-style music hall with all the trimmings.

Oh, you'll want to know that Jes & Jakob live in Wilder. And Jes was born and raised here in the Upper Valley. So this is local talent making world-class music.  [You know how I feel about promoting local everything.] Now's your chance to enjoy and celebrate a local musician making herself known nationally.  

And this is Jakob. With bow and a fiddle that make Acoustic Americana a whole new genre of heart-thumping joy.

Jes and Jakob, with their powerful band of musicians, will play the Freight House on April 14th to kick off a 5 week tour that will take them near and far — from White River to Cambridge, MA, to Asheville, Austin, Bentonville, Madison, WI, even Dubuque and back home again to enjoy the spring in VT.  For more information, have a look at Jes Raymond & The Blackberry Bushes Facebook events page by clicking here.    

I'm excited to have helped them get their legs on the ground in the Upper Valley by playing our tiny venue at Long River Gallery & Gifts in WRJ. And I'm grateful to them that they did. I'm still humming their tunes. Now it's time for all of us to welcome them to the big stage.

Oh, and did I mention there's some musician named Brooks Hubbard who will also be playing The Freight House on April 14th? Maybe not. But check him out, too. 


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