Roasted Yams with Egg, Chorizo & Mushrooms

Submitted 2 years ago
Created by
Dena Testa Bray

A hearty dish for a wintry spring day.

No complaints about the weather. A massive snow storm in April is beautiful, but we're done. Even the most ardent winter enthusiasts I know have hung up their skis and snowshoes. Now we wait.

This dish of Roasted Yam with Eggs, Chorizo & Mushrooms helps take the sting out of being stuck indoors in April. The potatoes are rich and sweet. They smell lovely while baking―their aroma blends with the smoky richness of the chorizo browning on the stovetop. Eggs and mushrooms are fried and cooked to a crisp in the fats released from the sausages. Once composed and topped with some spring greens or herbs, this dish is beautiful on the plate and a joy to eat by a fire with a glass of hard cider or chilled lemon water. Try it. It will erase the cold.

I look forward to seeing you in my kitchen, gathering flavors, soon.


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Please click here to view the recipe for Roasted Yam with Eggs, Chorizo & Mushrooms.

The ingredients for this dish can all be purchased at the Hanover Consumer COOP.

The outdoor photos you see here were taken on Elm Street in Etna, NH.



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