Vietnam Is Their War

A new book by Dartmouth's former president contemplates the war that defined the Boomers.

"There's something about the Vietnam War that speaks directly to the divisions we experience today. With Jim Wright's new book, we take a giant step closer to unlocking the mystery."

That's how filmmaker Ken Burns describes Enduring Vietnam by historian and Dartmouth president emeritus James Wright.

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"Enduring Vietnam is about the generation that grew up in post–World War II America and about their war,"  explains Wright in his introduction. "More young Americans in the ’60s died in Vietnam, over 58,000, than went to jail for refusing to serve in the military or moved to Canada to avoid serving. This book is about the experience of those who served—not to impugn those who protested what they believed was an unnecessary or unjust war, one that was sometimes immorally cruel in its execution. After all, it turned out that they were largely correct. But there is more to their generation’s story—and their generation’s war—than that."

Wright's book will be released on April 4. He begins a 14-stop book-tour on April 6 in Burbank. California. Wright will visit three Upper Valley bookstores as part of the tour. He'll be at the Norwich Bookstore on April 26, Morgan Hill Bookstore in New London on May 18 and the Dartmouth Bookstore on June 9.


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