Gamers Beat Farmers . . .

Nintendo's Tim Kwong, left, beat Billings Farm Manager Alayna Perkins in a virtual milking contest. (Photo: Businesswire)

. . . in the virtual world.

Home-barn advantage didn't give Billings farmers much of a boost. Representatives from the video-game maker Nintendo beat the farmers on Wednesday in the new game of  "Milk" — a virtual reality milking game. Earlier in the week Billings had challenged Nintendo to a milk-off. The game maker readily accepted and dispatched a couple marketing guys to Vermont as part of the promotion for the company's new 1-2 Switch. Though the farmers got schooled in the virtual world, the professional gamers didn't have a comparable hands-on competition with real cows and real milk.

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"Real milking is kind of like a war zone in comparison to the game," Billings' farm manager Alayna Perkins told Vermont Public Radio's Howard Weiss-Tisman. "You have tails coming at you, and feet sometimes, you're dodging manure and urine. And not everybody is happy all the time. You're working with a living creature. With the game you just kind of sit there, and it's very easy in comparison."

Rene Thibault of ABC affiliate channel 22 also covered the competition. Click here to see Thibault's video.


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