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I used to love a particular sandwhich at the Lebanon Health Food store: turkey, apple, cheese, and cranberry mayo. Yum!  Unfortunately I can't get this fabulous sandwich anymore because the store is now a brewery shop, which looks cool by the way.  So where am I to fulfill my sandwich cravings?  

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Enter the wonderful ideas of Facebook readers who were really excited to share their ideas.  I noticed a lot of the places that were on my post for the best breakfast sandwiches were also places people recommended for excellent sandwiches.  So add these places to your list for the next time your out and not sure where to grab a bite to eat.  (You can also find more breakfast recommendations here).

I'm so excited to try these spots.  


This place came highly recommended.  Commenters often used the word amazing to describe their sandwiches.  Of course they have my new favorite: a Thanksgiving sandwich too.  Nat's Moonlight Hike looks an awful lot like my old favorite - just add some cranberry to the mayo.  With 26 sandwich styles to choose from I think anyone can find a new favorite.  Buffalo chicken, seafood, garden wrap, tuna, pastrami: you name it - I think they have it.  I'll likely be standing there trying to pick from five or six.  Check out their menu here.  They are located on Woodstock Road in Quechee.

Stonearch Bakery

Loved for their homemade bread, people love their sandwiches.  They also have fantastic soups too. Choose from a traditional meat sandwich like over roasted turkey or try a salad sandwich: egg, turkey walnut, or chicken.  I vote for cheese herb bread or honey oat whatever sandwich you get.  See their menu here.  You can find them on Main St. in Claremont near the parking garage and in the plaza of Cabinet En-Counter on Hanover St. in Lebanon.


People rave about the food here.  I still want to try the cannolis people commented on.  I'm excited to try their turkey sandwich, which includes dressing and cranberries.  Great homemade sandwiches.  Best ever, one person said.  I think I'm torn between the Gobbler, Vermonter, and Tender Love.  Man. I can't buy them all...maybe I can split and share?

Jake's Market and Deli

People particularly recommend the Jake's Market in Quechee, but one person said anywhere in the Upper Valley their sandwiches are good - plus they have soups too; their other locations are New London and George's Mills.  One person said they have 'killer potato chips.' If you need to eat gluten free, they can accommodate that, making their sandwiches on gluten free bread. You can find their menu here.  I'm just sold on the fact I can have a made to order panini here.  You can find them on Woodstock Road.

Phenon Penh Sandwich Station

This was another hit with the commenters.  People love the sandwiches here: rave reviews on their Facebook. Couldn't find a menu online but I found reviews that said they had a spicy ginger pork sandwich that was a special the Phenon Penh sandwich.  Sounds like a wonderful adventure to try.  They are right at the intersection of High Street and Mascoma Street by Eastman Auto, can't miss them if you're coming from the Miracle Mile towards the Green, you'll see the storefront in front of you as you head around the corner.  There's parking but no seating - take out only.

King Arthur Flour

I love King Arthur Flour for everything: atmoshere, baking supplies, food, and experience.  So I'm not surprised they have good sandwiches here.  I love that they sell paninis.  What a treat.  Ohh. Brie and apple sandwich on a baguette, a grilled cheese, curry chicken sandwich, or beef brisket.  Mmm. Soup too. Choices, choices.  I think I'll try the curry chicken - what a great idea.  They are located on Route 5 in Norwich.  

BoHo Cafe

I think one reviewer summed up this cafe well: creative sandwiches and homemade chips.  I love that the sandwiches are named for local businesses in the area: cartoon college and the lampshade artist.  That's a nice touch. I like the Good Neighbor - hold the onions: fried egg, onion, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, mayo, on foccacia bread. Plus they have lots of grilled cheese panini options named after Wizard of Oz characters called Cheddar Brick Road Paninis.  Oh my goodness - how fun!  I'm going for the Flying Monkey: cheese, pear, currant jelly, and bacon.   Find out more of their options here.  They are located in the Hotel Coolidge right on Main St. in White River.


Sandwich specials updated frequently on their Facebook page with pictures of course.  Today is a pesto bacon turkey club.  I didn't see a menu but lots of people are talking about it, especially their chicken pesto panini and their reuben panini.  They are located at 192 North Old Route 5 in Fairlee. 

Meriden Deli

I've had sandwiches here and enjoyed them.  Their fresh out of the oven cookies look great.  They're located on Route 120 across from the Fire Station and you can find more info on their Facebook Page.

Woodstock Farmer's Market

Comments include: awesome and best sandwiches in the game.  Looks like if you want a good sandwich in Woodstock, this is the place to go.  The Italian sandwich, steak and cheese, California roll-up, and an Asian wrap are sandwiches I don't see at many other shops, so definitely something to try.  They are located on Woodstock Road.  Find out more here.

Rumbrook Market

Enjoy the deli at Rumbrook Market when you're in Grantham or passing through.  People say they are the best (for food and friendliness).  Find more information at their Facebook page.  You can find them right on Route 10 in the same plaza as the Farmer's Table Cafe.

Norwich Square Cafe 

Amazing paninis here.  I particularly think the marinated artichoke hearts or the granny smith one would be tasty. You can see all their offerings here.  They've located on Main St. in Norwich.

Lebanon, Hanover, and White River Co-ops

We're very lucky to have so many co-ops to provide us local products and produce in the Upper Valley. Both the Lebanon, Hanover, and White River Co-ops have cafes where you can order sandwiches and the locals like them.  Check them out.  The Lebanon Coop is in Centerra Park, across from Dartmouth Hitchcock, and the Hanover Co-op is down the road at the y intersection just before entering Hanover. The White River Co-op is on Maple Street.  I couldn't find a menu so if anyone has sandwich recommendations, comment below.  

Soup'er Heros

Let's start with the name of the store: so fun!  The food categories and sandwich names are even better: poison ivy for salads, wunder woman, human torch, and the jokah.  Of course they all sound delicious too. They have plenty of soups too.  I think this is definitely right up my alley: lots of selection and inventive but tasty combinations.  I wonder if they do catering because this would be a great place to get food for an event at your house or workplace. Hmmm.  They are located on Main St. in Newport. What really struck me is their philanthropic works too; they have a program to help people who are in need to help provide them food. Wow. Apparently they also have an arcade...Find out more on their Facebook page.

Chef Brad's Crazy Side 

Find some sunshine in the dreary winter at Chef Brad's Crazy Side on Main St. in Quechee at Fat Hat Corner.  They strive to offer lunch to their customer's using fresh and local ingredients where possible. The coconut curry slaw and the falafel burger sound yummy to me.  You can find a sample menu here.  In the summer Chef Brad has a foodtruck.

Other Recommendations

South Royalton Deli across from the post office has sandwiches that rock according to one reviewer. One person said Stinson Village Store on Allan St. in Hanover has the best Thanksgiving sandwich in the Upper Valley.  I really like Farro Deli on Tremont Sq. in Claremont and my favorites are #9 and #5. Emma's on Old Claremont Rd. in Charlestown was also recommended; I'll take the Carson, Jane, or Asher II. I recently tried the Thanksgiving sandwich at Mike's in Hartland on Route 5 and it was amazing.  My husband had the Turkey Twist and liked it.  Another reviewer recommended the Turkey Twist as well.

Other recommendations include Lebanon Village Market next to the Fire Station in Lebanon, Umpleby's in Hanover for their excellent sandwiches on fresh baked bread, Maplefields's in Lebanon, Jolley Market across from Jesse's in Lebanon, Ascutney Market on Route 5, Lyme Country Store, and Tuckerbox on Main St. in White River Junction.

With so many great selections in the Upper Valley I'm going to have to prioritize based on personal taste and location.  My first stops Singleton's, Anne's, Soup'er Heros, Phenon Penh, and King Arthur.  I think I'll be posting about my sandwich experiences in the future on Upper Valley Fun.  Stay tuned.  

What's your favorite sandwich at any of these locations?  Suggestions?

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