Miracle Mile meth bust

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Windsor suspect was just arrested for alleged cocaine possession last week

LEBANON, NH - A Windsor, Vermont woman with a history of drug arrests was busted again on Wednesday at the Miracle Mile Plaza in Lebanon by police who said they went from checking on a suspicious vehicle to arresting Patricia McCarthy, 52, for possession of methamphetamine and burprenorphine (an opiate which is also known by the brand name Suboxone).

Patricia McCarthy, 52, of Windsor is facing a felony drug possession charges in New Hampshire

    Lebanon Police added that while they were booking McCarthy they discovered that she'd just been arrested in Vermont last Friday, St. Patrick's Day, for possession of cocaine and that she was currently out on bail and court-ordered conditions of pre-trial release stemming from that incident.

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    McCarthy was ordered held for lack of $2,000 pending arraignment on the new charges.

    In May of 2005 Windsor Police described McCarthy in an affidavit as a "chronic user of illicit `bath salts'" and in June of that year she was arrested in the parking lot of the Cumberland Farms convenience store in Windsor after police reported finding three glass pipes and a small jar containing residue that tested positive for bath salts in her purse.

    McCarthy's criminal history includes misdemeanor cocaine possession convictions dating back to 1995 and 2002.

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