Why "Better Bad Decisions"?

So many choices...

What does the title of this blog even mean?

We spend our entire day making one decision after another after another after another... (after another after another...). From the time we get up until the time we go to bed we are constantly having to choose this or that, where and when, how and why. It's exhausting. In fact, there's a psychological term for it: Decision Fatigue. What it means is that the more decisions you have to make, the worse your decisions are going to be as time goes on. 

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The more choices you have to make all day, regardless of the topic (what to eat, what to wear, to stop for gas or not, to hit snooze, to go to the gym, etc...), the harder it is to make smart healthy decisions at the end of the day. Our will power is literally drained. We either make poor choices, refuse to make a choice at all, or choose impulsively. We're all excited about our plans for weight loss and working out on Sunday but by Monday night it's impossible to follow through. After a long day at work we just throw our hands up and get take-out.  Your brain can't make one more choice so it chooses at the most base level - where are the most calories for the least work and how can I expend the least energy to survive? Hence the Ben & Jerry's while binge watching Top Chef and looking at Pinterest on the couch. 

Even when we're not experiencing decision fatigue it's still hard to make great choices. We want what we want when we want it. Until we've been convinced why that may not be the best strategy, or figure out alternative options, we'll keep doing it. 

And that's where this blog comes in. We can't always make the best decisions but we can try to make better ones, even if they are still a little bad. Need to eat more veggies? Start by adding them to the meals you already eat rather than drastically changing your regular menu. Craving hot fudge? Don't go get a giant sundae, just have a spoonful of hot fudge. (I mean...that's what I'd tell my friend who has this problem. Not me. Definitely not me. Hand me that spoon would you?)

Here at Better Bad Decisions I hope to share tricks and tips to help you make those better bad decisions. The point is not to achieve perfection but to strive for progress - one decision at a time. 

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