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Myth #1: Girls are better drivers than boys

For over 25 years, Ken Parker, owner of the Parker Agency in White River Junction, has visited Mark Hamilton’s Hartford High drivers’ ed class to talk about automobile insurance. Ken hopes to dispel myths while alerting these students to the real-world consequences of accidents. 

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I decided to sit down with Ken “the myth-debunker” Parker. Okay maybe only I call him that. That’s because he fascinated me, a 23-year old millennial woman, with something that I thought only men over 60 discussed during dinner parties: insurance. 

So let’s get to it, shall we? 

Myth #1: Girls are better drivers than boys, which is why it costs less to insure your daughter than your son. Right? 


“It’s a myth that girls have fewer accidents than males do.” says Parker. “The accident frequency is nearly at par…but girls generally are still less expensive to insure at the same age, with the same level of experience.”

Okay, back up. If girls have the same frequency of accidents as boys, then why does it cost less to insure a female driver?

The answer: severity of accidents and risk-taking behavior. “Some guys want to see what they can do from point A to point B…The severity is really what drives premiums,” explains Parker “You get three guys in a car egging each other on and you have a recipe for disaster.” 

So to everyone out there, not just the 16-18 year olds boys, let’s remember to drive safe, put that phone away, and get from point A to B safely. 

So there you have it. Stay tuned for more myths debunked.

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