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Alix Klingenstein

Flavors of The Valley 2017

Prepare your waistband!  Sunday the 9th April will be the sixteenth annual celebration of what abounds and surrounds us in the realm of local food here in the Upper Valley.  Hartford High School will be the host for these fine flavors at 37 Highland avenue in Hartford.  This is a sort of food expo for all sorts of tasting and sampling of specialties from local farms and certain bakeries or eateries.  It begins at 11:00 am and will go on until 3:00pm.

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By visiting the website click here, readers may whet their appetite now just under three weeks out.  My husband always marvels at how my family begins discussing dinner plans when lunch has not even been half prepared.  We know that this is just crucial subject matter - food obsessors need no more explanation- so why not just get this day on the calendar now?

I am quite sure many of us are familiar with some of the farms and vendors.  It is a fun list to read simply for creative fodder : Angry Goat Pepper Co., Oh! Veggies, Savage Hart Farm, Piermont Plant Pantry, and then there are our favourites like Crossroad Farm, Piecemeal Pies, Root 5 Farm, or The Skinny Pancake.  This is almost like a pre-Norwich Farmers' Market party primping us and teasing us with the promise of spring.  It also looks like the anticipated taco crusaders are attending; their endeavor is Trail Break Taps and Tacos, the two mentioned in my bar and lounge piece recently.  Click here  

Tickets are $11 per person right now if pre-bought; otherwise they will be $12 at the door with cash,  cheque or credit card.  Children under six years of age are free and there is a suggestion of bringing one's own plate, cup and utensil in order to save waste.  For more information, click that link in the second paragraph!

Have any of you been to this event before?

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