What's it like to Participate in the Lebanon Shamrock Shuffle?

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Is it for me in 2018?

If you're wondering what it's like or what to expect, then this post is for you.

How Much Does it Cost? (2017 fees)

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Adults 18 and Over: $22-28, depending on time of registration

Youth 13-17: $17.50-$23.00, depending on time of registration  

Youth 12 and Under: $12.50-$18.00,  depending on time of registration

Where do you Park?

We got there a little before 11:30 and found only a couple spots open by the basketball courts in the large public parking lot behind Three Tomatoes, Mascoma Bank, and City Hall.  So make sure to get there early. There are other locations to park here.

Where do you Start?

The race starts at City Hall on on the street off the green.  People mingle by City Hall on the sidewalk. There were a ton of people enjoying the sunshine, mingling with friends and chatting with people they didn't expect to see as they waited for the race to start.

How Long Does it Take?

It's approximately a 3 mile race.  I walked the whole way at a leisurely pace and I finished in an hour.  I was one of the last to complete the race. It didn't bother me though because I loved the exercise. 

Do I have to Run?

Nope!  I walked the whole way.  Walk, jog, or run.  You'll find lots of 

What is the Course Like?

You start at City Hall and go around the green on the road.  Traffic is stopped, but most people aren't on the roads at this time knowing that they'd have to wait a bit.

You turn right onto Route 120 and take your first left onto a side road called Green Street.  We took a left onto Shaw Street and found ourselves back onto Bank St.  As we were walking in the middle of Bank St. people were running back up to finish the race, so I knew there couldn't be that much more to go.  

We headed down the short incline down Bank St. Ext. and looped around the lovely neighborhoods there. Then we headed up the Pumping Station Road and turned around at the end and headed back up Bank St. and to the green. 

The course was flat except the Bank St. Ext. hill, which my legs appreciated. To see the course click here.

What's the Atmosphere Like?

Wonderful!  There was a lot of fun energy before the race seeing all the people dressed up in green.  As we walked around the quiet neighborhoods people there were some families on the sidewalks cheering us on.  Lebanon Parks and Rec department workers and volunteers were stationed throughout the course encouraging runners/walkers: "Good job," "Keep it up," etc.  It was definitely motivating, even if I was just walking.  

In the Riverdale Parkway loop someone had written encouraging notes to the runners/walkers in chalk: Good Job! and Keep Going.  It was really sweet.  

My favorite part was the family on Cedar St. who were cheering us on with pom poms.  I loved the spirit! On Lilac Ave. a girl was step dancing to Irish music as we went by; she was talented and her thoughtfulness to perform for the participants brightened my day.

The Barber family and friends were also in attendance wearing their Barber Strong purple t-shirts and people encouraged and supported them along the way.

So if you want a run/walk that lifts your spirits while you exercise - this is it!

What should you Wear?

Lots of people wear green since it's always around St. Patrick's Day.  My friends wore shamrock leggings; others wore green t-shirts, hats, or shorts.  I even saw a mother and daughter both wearing green tutus. Don't own green or don't want to wear it?  No problem.  You won't feel out of place.  

People dressed for the weather and based on their physical fitness.  Those that were going to run wore light layers: leggings, shorts, performance shirt, and a t-shirt on top.  People like myself that knew they were going to walk the whole way dressed in jackets or sweatshirts, pants, and wore hats and gloves.  

I'm always cold so I wore long underwear and gym pants and a long sleeve top with my winter jacket unzipped.  I was fine.  I brought in the car with me a sweatshirt and shorts in case I felt the need to change, but it wasn't necessary.  

Make sure whatever you wear you don't mind putting safety pins through your clothing to show your race number.  There's a strip on the back that lets you know via email your race results.  

Can I handle it?

Only you can know whether a 3 mile race is for you.  A good gauge is if you can walk for an hour without taking a break.  

There were people of all skill levels and ages.  Kids around five were walking with their parents. I saw an older gentleman shuffling his way in front of me on the walk and lots of parents with strollers were at the back of the pack to make room for the runners.

If you're at all uncertain if 3 miles is too much for you, start with the fun run that starts an hour before the race and is free and only a mile.  That might give you a good indication if 3 miles is too much.  

Prizes and Goodies:

Enjoy goodies like oranges, bananas, bread, and gatorade at City Hall pre and post race.  

After the race prizes are awarded to the top male and female and medals for the top three in each age category.  

For Cheerleaders and Non-participants:

Enjoy beer in the beer garden outside Salt Hill or grab some munchies and a drink in Salt Hill while you wait for those participating.

Overall Experience:

It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend participating next year.  Go alone or bring a friend.  Either way you'll get some great exercise and support the Lebanon Parks and Recreation in their effort to bring fun and fitness to youth in Lebanon.  

What was your experience like?  Find out more at Lebanon Parks and Rec. site about the Shamrock Shuffle.

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