No More Boring Workouts at Home: 4 Videos to Get You Moving and Having Fun

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Katie Donovan

Maybe you’re like me and need some variety and some energy in your workouts to motivate you? 

I’ve searched the internet for fast paced workouts that I could actually burn some calories and enjoy doing.  A lot were too slow, too difficult, or too cheesy.  There are a lot of great sites out there with workout routines for you to do on your own and pictures to explain the move like and, but sometimes I don't want to think about my workout: I want to just follow one.

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Fitness Blender

This is the ultimate workout website online.  Free, full length videos for any exercise level and amount of time you have.  You can search by muscle group, exercise equipment, time, exercise type, or difficulty level.  This is the place to go for variety of exercises on the web!  Their videos get millions of views.

Bodyweight Cardio Workout -Interval Cardio Training

This is another popular video: The Ultimate Workout for Belly Fat Loss: Cardio and Abs Workout.

K Swiss with Deanne Berry

There’s a great exercise video called Pump it Up that I used to be able to access online but it was taken down because it’s only available in Europe.  I loved the music selection and every time I played it I was feeling the burn. This video has the same instructor and she teaches you fun dance moves without feeling like you’re getting lost.

If you want to know more of my favorite work websites on the web with recommended workouts check out this article. 

Sensazao Crew

If you love to dance like me Sensazao Crew is the best!  Their music selection is awesome; I always have a new song to add to my ipod.  Plus their dance moves really get you sweating.  I usually have a few of them up to make a workout routine. 

They have class video workouts like this one to the song 'Prrrum.'

My favorite ones are just the instructors like in the song 'Sweat'.


I like this Youtube channel because the music is clean, encouraging, and fast paced.  The dances are easy to follow too.  There are lots of fun dance exercise videos to choose from.

I really like the dance move to the 'Uptown Funk' song, though I'd move a bit faster for a workout.

This one is fun too to 'Me Too.'

You can also see my article on more dance videos suggestions online here.

Which videos do you like the best?  Any online workout videos you think people would like and want to share?


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