Mixed Martial Arts fighter in melee with police in Norwich

MMA fighter Christopher Lynde of Lebanon. Facebook photo

Allegedly fought with seven officers and created disturbance at hospital afterwards

NORWICH, VT - A mixed martial arts fighter from Lebanon, New Hampshire is facing a slate of charges after police said he barged into his girlfriend’s parent’s house in Norwich before engaging police in a hour-long standoff in the driveway that ended violently.

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    Christopher Lynde, 31, of West Lebanon pleaded innocent last week to felony counts of lewd & lascivious conduct and unlawful mischief and also to two accompanying misdemeanor counts each of unlawful trespass and simple assault upon a police officers.

Facebook photo of MMA fighter Christopher Lynde

    Lynde was ordered to post $5,000 bail and to stay at least 300 feet away from his girlfriend and her parent’s residence in Norwich at all times while he awaits trial.

    Lynde, who reportedly told police that he regularly trains in mixed martial arts and has fought in over 30 fights to date, winning several of them, faces a maximum potential penalty of over ten years in prison if he were to be convicted of all the charges now pending against him.

    Last week, late on the evening of Monday, March 6th, police in Norwich received a 911 call reporting that Lynde had allegedly entered a home uninvited on Chapel Hill Road in search of his girlfriend. Relatives told police that Lynde and his girlfriend had been “arguing all day” prior to the alleged incursion and they’d warned Lynde he was unwelcome on their property, Norwich Police Officer Francis Schippert Jr. wrote in an affidavit filed with the court.

    Lynde’s estranged girlfriend later gave officers a sworn written statement saying that Lynde had suddenly appeared in her bedroom and “ripped the blanket off me” before allegedly aggressively fondling her. “I proceeded to ask him to leave the house and he refused. Finally (he) agreed to go outside and then I thought he had left,” the putative victim wrote.

Christopher Lynde in the ring (right) in an MMA fight video posted on YouTube

    Officer Schippert said he arrived to find Lynde sitting in his girlfriend’s pickup truck in the driveway, talking agitatedly on a cellphone, drinking a Twisted Tea and refusing to roll down the window. Schippert said Lynde went “off on tangents” while taking to him and “said his life was over and he wanted to kill himself” before yelling at the officer and then unsheathing a large knife and holding it up to his throat. “I could see the blade making an indentation on his skin, but not cutting it,” Schippert wrote in his report, noting that he stepped back from the truck and continued to try and get Lynde to put the knife down while he radioed for backup and requested that an ambulance come to the scene and standby.

    In the ensuing minutes another seven officers from the Hartford and Thetford police departments and Vermont State Police began arriving to assist Schippert while Hartford Sgt. Jason Pedro took over the dialogue with Lynde who was “still very upset and yelling,” according to the affidavit.

    For over an hour Lynde alternately held the knife to his neck, waved it around while talking or banged and poked it into the dashboard, steering wheel and seats, Schippert wrote, saying that shortly after midnight, “dialogue turned to action as Lynde began to saw on his arms with the knife.”

    As Sgt. Pedro smashed out the truck window, Thetford Officer Stuart Rogers shot Lynde with a set of taser darts which “did not do anything, so a second set was deployed, again having minimal to nil affect,” Schippert wrote. “I unlocked the door and Hartford Officer Simon Keeling and I took hold of Lynde’s legs,” Schippert continued, “Lynde placed his right foot in the door jamb of the driver’s door to prevent us from removing him. Sgt. Pedro was holding Lynde’s arm, trying to keep him from striking out.”

    “I eventually was able to pull his foot from the door jamb and (we) were able to bring him out of the truck and onto the ground where he was rolled onto his stomach. Lynde continued to yell and curse at us. He flailed his arms and legs and kicked out and then brought himself to a standing position against the side of the truck.”

    “Lynde again kicked out his right leg and made contact with officers (Dan) Solomita and Keeling. At one point, Lynde attempted to head butt Sgt. Pedro but, due to the awkward angle and a little height difference, Lynde ended up shouldering (him),” instead,” Schippert wrote, explaining that the officers got Lynde back under control by pushing him into the side of the pickup truck and tying his ankles together.

    “Lynde calmed down for a bit after that but was still highly vocal and argumentative. At one point he began to bang his forehead on the window of the truck. After three or four times doing that, we were able to get him subdued. He again calmed down and began to sob and asked for a cigarette.”

Christopher Lynde celebrates his victory in an MMA fight in a video posted on YouTube

    “Lynde was patted down and searched for additional weapons. He was allowed to smoke two cigarettes prior to being placed into the back of my police cruiser. He was calmer, but still agitated. When he was placed in the back of the car he fell to his side and became angry as he felt he was `tossed’ in there. We sat him upright and he was still yelling. At one point he started to bang his head on the partition between the front and rear seats. The force was such that I could see the Plexiglas flexing when he made contact. He stopped after four or five times and then just sat there,” Officer Schippert wrote.

    After being transported to the Hartford police station for processing, Lynde was checked over by EMTs from the Hartford Fire Department and he complained to them that he was experiencing head pain from where he was “struck by a flashlight,” Schippert reported, adding, “I advised the medics that he had intentionally banged his forehead on the truck window and the cruiser partition.”

    The decision was made to take Lynde to Mount Ascutney Hospital for further evaluation and Schippert said he arrived there a short time later to find emergency room staff treating Hartford Officer Keeling for a knee injury he’d sustained during the driveway confrontation and Lynde in a nearby examination room “questioning why he was there and going to jail when he did not do anything.”

    Schippert wrote that after he explained the charges and the bail that was being imposed, Lynde “became angry and yelled and screamed.” When Lynde allegedly refused to cooperate with an effort to do a CAT scan of his head in order to determine whether his brain was swelling, police restrained him again and medical staff gave him a tranquilizer shot despite his being “very vocal and upset and yelling at us calling everyone” insulting names, Schippert continued.

    After the CAT scan was done Lynde “still continued to yell and holler and thrash” before eventually calming down enough that he was able to be transported to the Springfield jail and lodged there overnight ahead of his arraignment, Schippert concluded.

Lynde seen pummeling an opponent moments before being declared the winner in a YouTube video

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