Update: The Engine Room and Silver Cougar

New Lounge in WRJ

Last week we found out about the Bartender Competition in White River's new lounge and bar.  Owner Amy Robb has settled on a name for her nighttime gem, which will be The Silver Cougar.  Despite the forecast threat of one of the largest storms to hit our area and with many people rushing in and out of grocery stores to stock up, devoted drinks' fans did indeed foresake stockpiling and made it for cocktail hour Monday evening.

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The old maple floors had been given slick, gorgeous new coats of polyurethane, the shelves and bar counters were glistening and the fans adoring as the bottles and glasses, ice and strainers were all manipulated into action. Devin Elder, Chief Executive Bartender, was master host alongside several bartenders as they tested and shook their wares.  

I swore a secret contract not to divulge recipes, but I think I am safe to divulge mass ingredients.  Grand Marnier was shaken with Bourbon, added next to Champagne, shared ice with Private Stock, got jettisoned for French Vodka then discarded for Miss Sweet Vermouth and knocked about with Champagne, or was it Prosecco?  Simple Syrup outdid Cherry Juice, which overtook Pineapple Juice,  until Pineapple Rum made its entry.  Amaretto was poured into a few glasses until Cointreau got played by Tenessee Cider.  There are definitely some liqueurs I have never heard of including a beguiling Ginger Liqueur.  Finally, I am generally not a fan of fiery bourbon, but I must comment on the elegant beauty of VT Spirits No. 14 Bourbon Whiskey - what labeling cachet!

Many a tastebud was whetted by curious devotees and all look forward to the imminent opening of The Silver Cougar in White River Junction the first Wednesday in April.  Hours will be Wednesday through Sunday from 5:00 pm to 1:00 am.


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