Meet the New Owners of Woodstock's Yankee Bookshop

Newly engaged couple are new owners of the Yankee Bookshop.

Kari Meutsch and Kristian Preylowski  met at a Barnes & Noble in South Burlington where they were both managers—he managed the music department, she managed the merchandise.

“She didn’t care for me at first,” Kristian, 41,  joked, but they bonded over their love of graphic novels and photography. 

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Kristian’s first gift to Kari, 31, when they started dating was a book—“Parable of the Sower” by Octavia E. Butler—a 1993  futuristic novel where the main character can feel the pain of others.

“I’ve always felt most comfortable surrounded by books,” she said. “You can go anywhere and meet anything within the pages of a book."

They are the new owners of the Yankee Bookshop in Woodstock.

The acquisition of Yankee Bookshop makes this Phoenix Books’ fifth location in Vermont. It has stores in Essex, Burlington, Rutland and Chester.

Kari and Kristian plan to expand their graphic novel and art selection and bring more author events to Woodstock. They may also sell records one day.

Most of all, they plan to be part of the town as much as they can.

“It was very clear that this was a literary town,” said Kari. “There’s a lot of quirky tastes here, which we thought we could fit into.”


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