Car Seat Recycling Event
Ended May 18
Did you know that every infant car seat and child booster carries an expiration date, usually marked somewhere on the seat's labeling? If only a manufacture date is shown, the guideline is that its expiration date is six years from that date. Because car seats are made of plastic, which becomes brittle and can develop cracks over time, they lose their effectiveness year by year. Any seat that has been involved in an accident is also deemed unsafe for continued use. Please bring us any expired or broken car seats. We will disassemble them and recycle each of the components, making sure they are not reused or end up in the landfill. Certified child passenger safety technicians will also be available to provide one-on-one consultation on proper car seat installation in your vehicle. Please bring your car seat, instruction book and your vehicle manual to the appointment.For more information on this community event or to schedule a car seat check that day, please call the WHRC at 603.650.26
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