Architectural Gem: Theron Boyd House in Quechee

The Upper Valley is an absolute treasure trove of architectural gems. A good portion of my time as a photographer is spent searching out and documenting historically significant buildings. On occasion, I stumble across a building I've never heard of in the most unexpected place.

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After skiing a few runs at the Quechee Ski Hill, I decided to drive some of the beautiful dirt roads on the hillsides above the ski area. As I took my first right and headed uphill I was met by the familiar green and gold Vermont historical marker. Never one to pass up such a marker, I stopped to read the sign and then photograph the beautiful building in front of me. 

Built in 1786, the Theron Boyd House is indeed a survivor, and a gem. It's footprint was enlarged over the years, and it's clearly undergone changes and renovations. It needs some TLC, but it's bones look solid. A restoration project of some kind seems to be underway. One can only hope that the resources exist to fully restore and maintain the building. It's a piece of architecture worth preserving and visiting when you are in the area. Here are a few pictures to pique your interest and a website for more information: Theron Boyd House

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