Sue Kay stands in the remains of the fire with Jared Keith and his father Ken Keith on Tuesday. The three co-own the property where a fire started Tuesday morning.

'I Operate Best Under Chaos'

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Katy Savage

Sue Kay wasted no time.

By Tuesday afternoon, Kay, who is president of Eustis Cable Enterprises, secured new temporary office space in White River Junction, ordered new trucks to replace the ones the company lost and said her employees would be back to work Wednesday.

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“I operate almost best under chaos,” said Kay on Tuesday as she watched an excavator sift through the charred remains of a $50,000 company truck, so new it hadn’t been used yet. 

The vehicle was destroyed by fire Tuesday morning in White River Junction. Kay co-owns the industrial property where the fire started. About nine businesses operate out of that space. Five of them, including Eustis Cable and Argent Communications, both operated by Kay, were impacted by the fire.

Eustis Cable is a communication construction business that’s more than 30 years old while Argent Communications, formed in 2009, manages, develops and operates broadband cable networks. 

In addition to the truck, Kay lost a bucket truck, once full of cable equipment, an All Terrain Vehicle and office space for about 10 employees.

“They have to get back up and running,” she said matter-of-factly.

Crews were still operating and weren’t impacted by the fire, Kay said.

Kay said they would rebuild the industrial space. Not one to stand around, she focused on the future Tuesday.

“If you get people going forward…it minimizes the trauma from the thing,” she said. 



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