Spring On The Farm

The Babies are Coming!

Phil, the groundhog, might have said that there were 6 weeks of winter left, but he didn't tell Old Man Winter or the animals. The horses are starting to shed, great clumps of hair. Mud season is starting and the snow banks are disappearing rapidly around the farm.

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We picked up a new baby cow a couple of weeks ago. Porterhouse is a lineback mix. He's still drinking milk replacer, but is starting to nibble on grain. So far, he just thinks that hay is something to sleep on.

Sir Loin

Sir Loin, our calf from last year, hasn't grown quite as big as we want him yet. He doesn't think he likes the new baby and jumps the fence to get in the pasture with the horses.

Smokey & Sir Loin

We also have Nigerian Dwarf goats waddling around. There are 5 girls who are, slowly, day by day, becoming more round than they are tall. Another few weeks and we will have bouncing baby bundles that weigh about 3 pounds at birth!

More pictures and news later on!


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