No Mississippi Blues For This Little Pooch

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Andrea Conger

Differently - Abled Romeo Is Full Of Hope For The Future

Little Romeo was found in a Mississippi farm with an injured back. He was always a positive little munchkin and as I hear from his current foster mom, he does not feel pity for himself.  I happened to have a used, small cart in my barn. I adjusted it as much as I could after getting the little pooch's measurements. I mailed it to the South and now I am sitting here wiping my happy tears while watching a video of him cruising around . He is wagging his little tail, sniffing the grass on the side of the road. 

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Next Friday, Romeo is arriving to Grantham NH and I will foster him until he finds his perfect match for a forever family. Romeo tries hard to stand up and take a few steps. I think, we will try some acupuncture and hydrotherapy and see how it will help. He regulates his bowels, but often has accidents and pees on the floor. This is very common among animals who suffered back traumas. Romeo can wear a belly pad or a diaper. He is making remarkable progress with his legs and tries very hard to be a good boy.  

As he is growing, he will need a larger cart. My charity will fundraise for it. Right now, Romeo is looking for a home where he could be himself and be accepted the way he is.  The ideal home would not have small children. Puppies and little children are very cute together, but when you have an animal with disability, it can -and has in the past- end tragically. As we know, little children love carrying around their puppies. If Romeo falls or his back twists the wrong way, it could mean the end of his rehabilitation. He is up to date with all his shots and would love to curl up next to you. 

If you are seriously interested in raising a handicapped dog and have empathy towards all creatures who are different, please consider taking Romeo into your home. 

Emails can be sent to 


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