Celia Woodsmith: A Musical Primer

UV Native Plays Skinny Pancake this Weekend

Celia Woodsmith is the real deal. Her soulful voice and songwriting have taken her to stages all over the world. But before her national stardom and Grammy nomination, Celia was a Vermont resident, daughter of poet Sybil Smith and a Hanover High student. On some of her tracks, the grit of her voice sounds like the audio equivalent of Beaver Meadow Road in mud season. 

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Since I first saw her early duo, Avi & Celia in a Burlington bar in the mid-2000s, Celia's musical evolution has been an absolute blast to watch. As she returns to the Upper Valley for a show at the Skinny Pancake in Hanover this upcoming Saturday, The Local Music put together a quick primer on Celia's projects past and present. 

Avi & Celia - "Bud and Mary" 

Going back to 2009 here, even the less than stellar video quality can't contain the power in Celia's voice on this awesome track. "A woman's work is never done," indeed. 

Della Mae - "Jamie Deer"

Globally, Celia Woodsmith is no doubt best known for her work with all-female Bluegrass Group, Della Mae. These gals have played all over including headlining shows in front of tens of thousands at Bluegrass festivals. They're so impressive, in fact, that the US State Department has sent them overseas to serve as cultural ambassadors of American music.


Woodsmith & Hersh - "Move it On Over"

Celia's latest project with Girls, Guns and Glory's Chris Hersh is a return to the barroom roots that I first saw her in. If you're new to Celia Woodsmith, this a great way to check her out for the first time. 

Come see Woodsmith & Hersh, this Saturday at the Skinny Pancake in Hanover!

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