Market Table

Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner-and Sunday Brunch

I love Market Table.  We have been so many times over the years and never once had a disappointing meal.  This place is perpetually open (first thing in the morning until nightime) and even does brunch on Sundays. My first introduction to the business was their bakery/eatery in Norwich as Alléchante, followed by a stint in Woodstock, sadly too short.  It is now wholeheartedly in downtown Hanover on the back, as they say, of 44 South Main Street.

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Chef-owned with seasonal farm-to-table fare, this simple statement is the key to their profuse offerings.  On one side, there is prepared food and all sorts of gourmet pastries with rich coffees.  On the other, a contemporary bistro setting will lure you in. Giant blackboards not only feature the daily specials, but also the local farm suppliers.  For example, they always had lettuce and tomatoes from the beloved Echo Hill farm-stand at the Norwich Farmers' Market.  (I am quite sure they will have found a delicious replacement as that wonderful family 'retired'.)

We usually end up here after a movie at The Nugget or perhaps for lunch with a group of friends.  The wine list has great selections by the glass, a favourite is their South African option from the Breede River Valley, a sort of mild Chardonnay without today's usual onslaught of oakiness.  Likewise, the red list has good choices ranging from Europe to the New World.

Once you've ordered, a major highlight is the arrival of the homemade 'bread'.  I could eat this in my sleep: thick, fresh triangles of salty focaccia. Take a bite and a soft crunch on top gives way to a feathery soft middle. It is reminiscent of a fresh doughnut as it emerges from the oil with that appealing and similar gentle exterior crunch.  The caesar salad always features fresh, crisp romaine and never the old, dark and wilted green leaves that many establishments can serve.  The crispy calamari with their accompanying aioli are light.  Then there is the chicken liver pâté with Cumberland sauce to overlap the accompanying crisp biscuit.  The rich vegetable soups are thick and oh-so-comforting, especially for focaccia dipping.  For main courses, there are the staples like their burger, a fish selection, some pasta and a hen or chick, often the perfectly chopped mushroom risotto.

For dessert, you might choose the baked alaska, the panna cotta or the banana and chocolate bread pudding.  However, if you chose the 'Sampler' you would be relieved of that decision and receive a plate of the first two as well as some apple and cherry crisp.  Market Table is also headquarters for one of my chocolate features click here; oh, that turtle bar!

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