Where to get Hot Wings in the Upper Valley

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Katie Donovan

There are lots of places to get wings.  My husband’s ordered wings many times at Ramuntos, but where else can you get some wings? Here’s a list of establishments in the Lebanon area that sell wings and you can read reviews too.

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Some locals also specifically recommended these restaurants for you to try.

Time Out Grill 

Time Out Grill in Claremont ranked #6 in all of New Hampshire for their wings by WMUR viewers.  They also won awards for the best burger joint and place for late night eats.  Congratulations!  One reader said the wings are ‘done to perfection and the sauces are great. ’   


EBA’s (Everything but Anchovies) in Hanover received rave reviews from people for their wings, saying things like delicious and impressive.  People really said they had great flavor.  I don’t like hot foods generally but I might be up for trying wings with flavors like lemon pepper and garlic parmesan.  You can see their menu here.   

Big Fatty's BBQ

BigFatty’s BBQ in White River was recommended with comments like ‘mmmm’ and ‘hands down.’  That’s high praise!  I'll try the pulled chicken sandwich.

Public House 

People really enjoy the Public House in Quechee for wings.  It was one girl’s favorite place for wings. One person said the sauces were ‘awesome.' Maple burbon is a definitely one to try. Other comments were ‘amazing,’ and ‘delicious.’

Poor Thom's Tavern

Poor Thom’s Tavern is a secret gem in Meriden; I didn’t know there was a tavern in Meriden.  What a treat. People like their wings, especially the maple Sri Racha and BBQ.  The rest of their menu looks great too like risotto dumplings and marinara. Yum!  One person on their Facebook even said their food was incredible.  I think I’ll have to find where Bean Road is. 

Mike's Store and Deli

Mike's Store in Hartland has house smoked wings.  They fry them and toss them in the sauce of your choosing.  The terriaki sounds good.  If I liked blue cheese, the buffalo blue cheese sounds like a fun combination.  There are four other sauces to choose from, or just enjoy them plain.  Check out their Facebook page for ideas on something to munch on or drink.  Their posts are really fun and engaging.  I'll definitely have to stop by and try a sandwich and a donut, maybe grab a beer and some wings for my husband.

Colatina Exit

Colatina Exit is a pizzeria in Bradford, VT has great wings. You can get roasted garlic sauce or spicy buffalo sauce with their wings.


Murphy’s in Hanover serves wings and one reviewer said they were the ‘absolute best wings.’ Wow.

56 Main St. Bar and Grill

56 Main St. Bar and Grill in Enfield serve great wings.  One reviewer recommended the Tai Chili and Cajun dry rub.

Latham Tavern 

Latham Tavern in Lyme just opened this past summer and already people are loving it.  One person recommended it for their wings.  Sounds like whatever you have, you won't be disappointed.  

CJ's Tavern 

CJ's Tavern in Quechee is another local favorite.  The reviews on Facebook talk about how they have the best wings around.  Another place to try where I know I'll get a great meal.  Stop by their Facebook page and be entertained; I especially like their post about clapping your hands to live music is better than clicking a like button.  

If you’re looking for some good beer deals to wash down your spicy wings, people recommended Salt Hill or Jesse’s for their happy hour and great beers. 

For all those wing conisseurs you can also check out New Hampshire.com’s 2016 winners for the best wings in the state. WMUR also had a survey of the best wings in the state; viewers recommended a couple in Keene, but most of the best wings in the State are in other regions (day trip maybe?) 

Where’s your favorite place to get wings?



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