Lebanon Is Fat City!

Andy Merrihew of the Upper Valley Mountain Bike Association grooms a biking trail in Lebanon's Boston Lot. (Photo courtesy of Mason Racing Cycles)

Snow bikers head for the Boston Lot

Hard core Upper Valley mountain bikers ask, "Why ski when you can fat bike in Lebanon's Boston Lot?"  The Upper Valley Mountain Bike Association took delivery of a new Snow Dog groomer just as the best snow of the last two years covered the region. Sadly the heatwave ended the fun— for the time being. 

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Even so, Lebanon is gaining a reputation as Fat City thanks to the skyrocketing popularity of fat bikes and UVMBA's ongoing work on the trails system. 

The whole idea behind a fat bike is that the combination of wide tires (4 to 5 inches wide) and less than 8 pounds of air pressure in them creates awesome traction and float on the snow.  These bikes go in snow—up to a point.  Just as the snow can get too deep for snowmachines, the same thing happens with fat bikes. That's where the Snow Dog comes in. The machine is a knock-off a Russian design originally intended to haul people and supplies across the snow. The machine consists of a gas-powered unit up front that drags a sled carrying a driver and gear. The sled grooms a path  20 inches wide — just right for the single-track that mountain bikers seek. 

The $3,000 purchase price of the Snow Dog came from club memberships, local business sponsors, and from selling paper maps of the Boston Lot.


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