Jim Sault Announces Candidacy for Randolph Board

Submitted 2 years ago
Why are you running? 

I have been a Justice of the Peace for the past 6 years or so and have served on the board of abatement and enjoyed working with the taxpayers who came in and it is always great to help them understand how our local government works and hopefully solve their issues.  Being a JP is a great place to start if you want to help and learn about your local town government, I have been very happy with this position and find it rewarding.  (I guess this is why I have applied for this select board seat!) 

There is no single issue that I have or have been told about that is significant to me personally, the town is moving in a  positive forward thinking direction and I look forward to working on the select board for the next two years.  I have been serving on the Police building committee and I feel that we have made a great step forward in getting that done in the near future.  We have decided that 45 South Main St. was not a move that would best serve our town Police department and have moved to a new idea (my suggestion) that we use the 1/2 acre at Branchwood for the new building location.  It has many benefits over the current location and should save the tax payers some money, (as we already own the property.)

What's your background? 
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As for my education I went to Randolph Schools and then did the apprentice program at GW Tool (when it was located in Randolph) and they sent us to VTC to get our math programs.  I have worked at Porter Music Box Co. for the past 40 years, starting off at building and restoring music boxes and have managed that business for the past 25 years.  I have worked in every major market in America and Canada at trade shows. I have traveled for business around the world and established distributorships in Japan, Korea and China.  I have worked with Italian business to import custom wooden cabinetry for our company.  I was the Vermont Chambers Exporter of the year in 2007.  I have served as director for Vermont Chamber as well.  I have worked with Museums and non-profits around our country to help them with there retail marketing of our products and with their collections.

As I mentioned I have served the town of Randolph and have always put the towns citizens best interest first and foremost.  As you may know the current board could not make a choice on filling this seat and I have been attending every meeting since as if I did get it and during this time I felt I gave positive contributions to the meetings.

I welcome you to give me call if you have any questions, my door is always open!

Jim Sault is running for a two-year term on the Randolph select board along with Larry Satcowitz. Trini Brassard is running for a three-year term.


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