Claudette Brochu—Candidate for Norwich Selectboard

Claudette Brochu is running for a 3-year seat on the Norwich selectboard

Hello Norwich!!

I am Claudette Brochu and I am running for a 3 year seat on the Selectboard.

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My Background: My family has its roots in Quebec and Hardwick, VT but I was raised in a small town in MA.  Three years in the Army determined my future career as a Registered Nurse. After accepting a nursing position at Mary Hitchcock, I moved to VT in 1981 and Norwich in 1983. While at Mary Hitchcock and subsequently D-H, I was involved in the development of research based policies and procedures. I was also instrumental in the development of new graduate training programs. My work was driven by data and research. 

This past year, I have attended many Selectboard meetings especially the meetings leading up to the town vote on the Public Safety bond and budget meetings. I believe processes and policies can be improved so board members and the Town Manager can develop positive relationships. I also believe that information sharing with citizens can be improved. 

Positions: I will work to keep middle and low income families in town since a diverse population only improves a community by offering differing perspectives and solutions to issues. I believe we can find creative solutions to affordable housing without the proposed zoning changes that will alter our town forever. I will work to improve communications between the Town Manager and Selectboard and between the board and citizens. I will work to increase transparency in how town government functions. I will work to keep town spending in check without negatively impacting services and citizens. I will work to build a collaborative relationship among board members and the Town Manager. I have observed how the rising income disparity has negatively impacted the town by forcing working class families to leave. I believe sound fiscal policies can help mitigate the disparity by holding down tax increases without negatively impacting town services. 

My goal in serving on the Selectboard is to bring fiscal responsibility, Yankee thrift and ingenuity back to town without impacting safety. I also believe that collaborative relationships can be built between the Town Manager and Selectboard. The “tone” of the town is a reflection of the relationship between Manager, Selectboard, town employees, and citizens. We may not always agree but we do need to listen and reach consensus on issues facing the town. 

Please feel free to contact me at: 649-1283 

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