The Snow Day

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Kate Bascom

Snow days are one of the most revered days in schools.It’s the salvation of high school students who didn’t do their homework, the cause of pure elation for elementary students, and a dread for working parents who have to quickly scramble to find someone suitable to watch their children.

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Once a winter storm is forecasted, the murmurs of how many inches and school cancellations begin. If the school hasn’t declared a snow day the night before, best to check once awakened by the unofficial winter alarm clock of Northern New England...the 5 AM snow plow.

For those looking for winter fun, not all snow is created equal. Inuit languages are famous for having several words for snow, and it would be beneficial if English had more words as well. Is it the hard crunchy snow topped with a layer of ice that will cause you to slip on your butt? Or is it the sticky snow that’s good for making snowmen? Or the soft snow that's good for sledding?

Timing is relevant. Friday and Monday snow days that create a three day weekend are most beloved. A November snow day fills people with the excitement of a new season, while a March (or April) snow day often creates a tough case of cabin fever.

But still, a snow day is a day off. A day to sleep in where reading comprehension and division are not requisite. A day of continual recess where you can warm up with a grilled cheese and Tomato soup while watching the Price is Right. For older kids, it’s one of the first and few occasions where you can spend all day in the house free of parents, but with age comes responsibility. My parent’s thought if I wasn’t going to be spending my day learning, I should at least be of some productivity. So often I was tasked with shoveling off the deck and light housekeeping.

Ultimately, the snow day is an imperfect blessing. A dose of winter freedom that adds one more day to the school calendar in June. But still, snow days are a way of reminding us that fun is to be had even when mother nature is at her toughest.


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