Water Main Breaks During Snowstorm

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Phyllis Muzeroll

CLAREMONT, NH–The Claremont Public Works Department was asked to do double duty on Sunday.

“The Water Department was called out to a water break on Whitcomb Lane midday Sunday just as the winter storm was starting,” Asst. DPW Director Victor St.Pierre told the e-Ticker News. “Chris, the foreman, quickly found the valves to shut down this section so only a few houses were affected. Roger brought in the hydraulic hammer attachment on ‘little excavator’ to break through about 1 1/2′ of frost in the road. Then Kelly in the backhoe dug down to the break while the pump tried to keep up with the water coming in. Shane trucked off two loads of very muddy soil and brought back clean backfill. Richard located the pipe and the leak with a shovel.

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He cleaned the the pipe around the ‘flex break’ and attached a wrap-around clamp onto the 4″ long crack. Chris and Rich brought the pressure up slowly while releasing all the air through the upper hydrant. The whole job took about four hours. After a short rest they are ready to man the snow plows.”

St. Pierre added, "Thanks for the extra effort to do this muddy job in the snow storm."


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