A Drone's Eye View of the Upper Valley

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Lee Michaelides

You won't believe the ski-jumpers!

First play the video — then read about Adam Pikielny, the Hanover High senior who filmed it. 

"I’m basically making videos all the time, so when I got a drone it was the obvious thing to do. I called it 'Four Seasons' because I thought that was a good description of what makes the Upper Valley so beautiful," says Pikielny. "Admittedly it is actually more like 3 seasons, because I’ve only been filming since July."  Although Pikielny has been filming with the drone since July, he's been making videos much longer. He's been uploading video to his own YouTube Channel since 7th grade.

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Pikielny currently is working on skiing videos — as his favorite thing to do is snowboarding. "I try to go at least twice a week. Of course, my snowboarding excursions are all filmed,"

He's been a bit slow uploading new material to YouTube "because of the hell of college applications."

"I was unable to make my yearly compilation video for 2016. That video will also be released (hopefully) in the spring," he says.

Pikielny is interested in computer science, but isn't sure that is a career for him. 

"I am specifically interested in computer vision, which uses computer algorithms to analyze images and videos," he says. "It is the combination of my passions for videography and computers."

Pikielny shot the Four Season video with a 3DR Solo drone outfitted with a GoPro HERO4 Black camera.

"The Solo has a gimbal for stabilization, which allows me to see what the GoPro sees on my phone, and also control the angle of the camera," he says. "The drone has an onboard computer, so it can essentially fly by itself. If I don’t touch the remote it just hovers. It can orbit around or follow me. I can also set a course on a map and the drone will follow it, although I generally don’t do this because I’m scared it will go awry."


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