Anti-Collision lights glow on the radio towers above Crafts Hill early Friday evening

Extensive woods search near DHMC Friday evening

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Suicidal Vermont man found safe inside hospital

LEBANON, NH - A suicidal Vermont man in his 60s who'd reportedly wandered off into the trail system that weaves through the woods between the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and the Boston Lot Lake at the top of Crafts Hill prompted a five-hour-long search effort that stretched into Friday evening.

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    The man was located inside the hospital complex shortly after 9 p.m. and taken to the Emergency Department there for treatment, Lebanon Police said Friday after the large-scale search effort concluded.

    The man's wife contacted authorities around 4 p.m. Friday afternoon and reported that she believed her husband was at a serious risk to harm himself so Lebanon Police Officer Jeremy Perkins entered the chilly woods with his police canine "Max" and the pair began searching along the tangle of snow-covered trails.

    Additional police officers soon joined the effort, with support and equipment from the Lebanon and Hanover fire departments as well as members of New Hampshire Fish and Game and the New Hampshire State Police which sent their helicopter, equipped with thermal imaging cameras, up from Concord to join the search.

    With temperatures heading into single digits coupled with wind chill factors, the searchers criss-crossed trails to the south-west of the hospital complex until the man was discovered inside the building.

     Lebanon Police Captain Timothy Cohen said late Friday that his department is still working to establish whether or not the canine "track" they had been following was in fact the route taken by the missing man but, Cohen explained, even though police got an initial statement from the man saying that he'd been out in the woods, "given his condition when he was located" detectives have not yet been able to conduct a detailed interview with him.

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