How to Sample Hot Sauce — Without Burning Your Mouth

Submitted 2 years ago
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Lee Michaelides

Do exactly what Jason Parker of the Angry Goat Pepper Company tells you to do. Or else.

Begin by going to a place that has lots of different sauces. The Angry Goat's retail outlet at 240 South Main Street in White River Junction fits the bill. It also has a sampling table. Customers can try the Angry Goat's 10 sauces as well as small batch sauces from other vendors. Angry Goat owner Jason Parker enters his sauces in competitions and he has won many prizes. When he tastes a competing sauce that he really likes, he stocks it in his store. There are plenty to choose from.

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So how does one sample hot sauce? 

Very carefully.

Parker outlined the technique for me. Start by filling the small plastic sampling spoon.  Open your mouth. Carefully put the spoon inside the mouth and turn it over so the sauce drips on the tongue. Let the taste explode! Feel the heat! 

Here's the key thing to remember— don't get the sauce on your lips.  

Capsaicin is an oil that gives hot sauce its heat, says Parker. The strongest capsaicin oil can cause skin to react as if it was burned by heat.

I followed Parker's directions, except for the part where, in the interest of science, I let some touch the inside of my lower lip. Ten minutes later I had minor swelling inside my mouth. 



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