Prostate Cancer PSA

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a message from Sam Chesney Smith

As someone who is afflicted with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer, I wanted foremost that this PSA, address a specific demographic, the African American male. They are the most vulnerable and at risk group for Prostate Cancer especially if they live in a cold climate. If they are in North America, it's important for them to get as much sunlight as possible during Winter...a lack of Vitamin D may activate the gene that causes Prostate Cancer.  African American males need to realize that they don't have to get this disease. Getting screened is key, and a simple action they must take, so their lives don't have to hang in the balance like mine. 

During this harrowing time, I am so grateful to my immediate family, the Hartford community here in Vermont and elsewhere for their on-going support at this critical time of my life.  The doctors, nurses, palliative care and social worker proffessionals at DHMC have been outstanding. I however, have a long way to go to be cured from this disease.  I'm interested in and is seeking integrative alternative approaches to add to my care and hopefully a cure. Although this angst - inducing journey is difficult on many levels, I've been greatly encouraged by the outpouring of love from a special group of friends here in the upper valley and beyond.  They have been fundraising, unbeknownst to me, so I can acce$$ much needed complementary medicine.    

To everyone that's part of this crucial network of big-hearted support, I thank you dearly and  am forever grateful for the heart-felt kindness you've demonstrated over these last weeks and months.  May The Beloved's Grace envelops your life & love now and always.

- Sam Chesney Smith

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