Top 10 Best Places for Breakfast Sandwiches in the Upper Valley

I ran out of eggs and was craving a breakfast sandwich.  So I grabbed a readymade sandwich at a local gas station on my way to work.  It was okay, nothing to write home about.  The croissant was a bit stale and not very buttery. 

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It made me think, with so many gas stations and places that offer breakfast sandwiches, there’s gotta be some great places where you know you’re going to consistently get a great sandwich.

Here are the top 10 recommendations from locals for their favorite breakfast sandwich shop.

1.       Jakes

Jake’s, across the street from Longacres Nursery in Lebanon, was by far the most recommended and liked on Facebook.  People had rave reviews about this place: the best coffee, the best mocha, great lattes, and the best breakfast sandwich.  People recommended specific menu options like the burrito, breakfast roll up, breakfast wrap, and their bagels.

2.       Dan and Whit’s

Dan and Whit’s is a family owned general store on Main Street in Norwich. People say they have  ‘hands down the best breakfast sandwich.’  Apparently the McWhit is famous around here.  I’ll have to go and try one while I’m wandering their amazing general store, which has lots and lots of 5 star reviews on Facebook.  The general store has excellent food and is known for having hard to find items.  People commented on the amazing general store experience, the friendly and helpful staff, and how they really have everything.  It makes me want to go just for the experience.

3.       Anne’s

Anne’s is a country store with a gas station in Plainfield on Route 12A.  Locals highly recommend enjoying a breakfast sandwich or a whole breakfast there as the Facebook reviews attest to.  Of their Facebook reviews, only 1 is a four star and the rest are five stars.  Comments included descriptions like: great breakfast sandwiches, great place, great people and service, great prices, delicious food, and friendly conversation. Specific menu recommendations included the hash browns and homemade toast.  As a side not they also cater weddings and received reviews on the amazing food, presentation, and flexibility.

4.       Lyme Country Store

Lyme Country Store has great breakfast sandwiches made with fresh ingredients and local eggs.   They’ve been in business for over 45 years and are family owned and operated.  You can buy local foods and products, as well enjoy Pat’s famous banana bread and her donuts.  Enjoy a made to order sandwiches or a meal to go.  The best part is the ice cream in the summer (sorry, that’s just my ice cream obsession talking.)

5.       Erdimae’s

Erdimae’s is a food truck in Windsor in Brown’s Sales Parking Lot on Rt. 5 North that has the locals talking.  She’s open spring, summer, and fall.  I like the way the person who recommended her said they like to go to Erdimae’s for a “breakfast sandwich and a smile.”

6.       Lunchbox

The Lunchbox in Fairlee just opened and already have excellent reviews.  People say their breakfast is phenomenal.  They have great breakfast burritos.  Their eggs are scrambled in their breakfast sandwiches, which I think gives nice even texture and overall flavor (one reviewer liked that detail).  One person said it was the best breakfast sandwich they ever had.  High praise!  Their paninis for lunch “to die for,” as one reviewer stated.  On their Facebook page they update their daily lunch specials so you find your favorite soup and sandwich combination to try. 

7.       Stone Arch Bakery

I haven’t tried a lot of gas stations or establishments that offer breakfast sandwiches but my favorite is definitely Stonearch Bakery.  I love the bread.  Mmm, honey oat is my favorite to order for a breakfast sandwich.  It’s always hot, with a nice fluffy egg, and toasted with butter.  I’ve tried to make the same sandwich at home and it was good, but just not the same.  I think it’s the salted butter that just adds that touch of yum. In addition to the good food, I always get good service from the friendly staff as well.

8.       Tuckers

Tuckers in New London has great breakfast sandwiches, available all day.  After looking at their website, they have an extensive breakfast menu.  I thought the breakfast sandwiches look good: egg bacon mozzarella, sun dried tomato pesto or local bacon, hashbrowns, egg, and local cheddar.  They also have menu items for people eating healthy or are on dietary restrictions like powercakes, which are gluten-free are made with eggs, flax, and chia seeds.  Wow, super healthy.  The ‘Hold the Gluten Skillet’ sounds great too: eggs, mushrooms, tomato, hashbrowns, basil pesto and cheese.  Oh my so many things I want on the menu.  I could go on.  I think I need to try this place out.

9.       Cravin’s Country Market

Cravin’s is located in the DHMC food court on the main level, past the seating area and on the left.  It’s open 24 hours a day and people say the breakfast sandwiches are very good.  So if you find yourself looking to grab a quick snack, this is a good place to go.  As a side note, you can also get a breakfast sandwich or larger breakfast in the hospital cafeteria, which I’ve eaten at and enjoyed the food.

10.   Umpleby’s

Umpleby’s specializes in pastries, savory pies, and sandwiches but they make a great breakfast sandwich on a croissant too.

Other Recommendations

Mike’s Store in Hartland has rave reviews for its food and service.  So it’s no wonder someone would recommend them for a great breakfast sandwich too.  Reviewers also enjoyed their fried chicken, donuts, craft beer selection, and the deli.  I never really thought of a convenience store as cool until I read these reviews. It’s not just a store but a place locals gather, a place to buy local products, and a place you know you’re going to get a good quick meal no matter what the time of day.

The Lebanon Diner has a great egg and cheese on a roll. Rumbrook Market in Grantham has delicious and amazing breakfast sandwiches.  South Woodstock Country Store has a little of everything: breakfast sandwiches, burritos, traditional breakfast fare like pancakes, and cold items like cereal.  Maplefields gas station on the Mechanic St. in Lebanon is well reviewed as a nice, clean gas stations with friendly staff and good food. 

So next time you need a quick breakfast and you're wondering where to go, try one of these stores out and you won't be disappointed.  



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