So Much More to Newberry Market in WRJ...

Idrees and his magical and melodious guitar with foot loop pedal last week at Newberry Market. People were dancing!

...Than Meets the Naked Eye!

You'll find this indoor market alive and thriving every Thursday (except holidays) in the Newberry Market space on South Main Street in White River Junction, from 11 AM - 6 PM.  It's a delicious place to visit and a treat for music lovers.  It's more than just what appeals to the naked eye, making for a great gastronomical experience and the live strumming of melodious sounds emanating from a talented guitarist who will be in the market place for the 2nd straight week in a row.  Back by popular demand are both Morenas Latin Cantina and Idrees, the guitarist of some national renown just in from Seattle. 

The two chefs (right), and satisfied customers of Morenas Latin Cantina last week in Newberry Market.

When you step inside Newberry Market, head straight for the back wall where you'll find the two lovely women of Morenas Latin Cantina serving up Latin fare that changes weekly.  Last week I savored the flavors of their Ecuadorean pork stew, along with a mango salsa that lit me up with sweet pleasure to moderate the bite that came from adding too much of their hot salsa to my plate.  In all, it's a kaleidoscope of tastes they serve up with plenty of friendly conversation as you taste their fare.  And they want your feedback.  A better lunchtime treat you won't find anywhere else in the Upper Valley.

What's not to like? A delicious Ecuadorian stew, home-made and served up hot at the Market.

As you gnosh and wander around from table to table with vendors selling all types of crafts from soaps to jewelry, to totes and teas, to tights, wooden cutting boards, pottery and candles, you'll be enchanted by the amplified acoustic guitar of Idrees whose musical skills make you feel like his notes are washing over you like warm water.  Wave after wave, almost like a Wyndham Hill orchestra, permeates the market space, giving everyone a musical high that keeps spirits up and feet tapping.  Idrees pulls this off with the use a foot loop pedal.  It allows him to record his own music live, then replay it as he plays more chords, and keeps building on top of more chords, and more, and more until he sounds like an entire group of talented guitarists all strumming in tune with one another.  His improvisational skills are strong, and it's worth a trip just to hear him.  

And for vegetarians, there's always an option. Plus three different salsas to add as toppings. Yummy.

Of course, with all the many shops of White River Junction's downtown district open and ready to help you find the perfect gift  (don't forget, Valentine's Day is coming next week!), you'll just have to visit and sample Newberry Market and its surrounding shops.  Give it a try.  I can guarantee you won't be disappointed with what White River Junction has to offer these days.  It's undergoing a renaissance of some grand proportions.  Even those the naked eye cannot yet see!

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Dave Celone is NOT this bouquet of lovely roses for Valentine's Day, but he does know where you can get them. Long River Gallery & Gifts in White River Junction, VT and in Lyme, NH. There should be enough roses on hand, even if you didn't pre-order yours this past week. Or, get some chocolate, sterling silver jewelry, or a hand-made ceramic heart for your valentine.  It's all there at your fingertips!

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