My journey to the Gym.

Bag packed with new sneakers, workout clothes & water bottle !

I bit the bullet.  I joined a gym. Again. This is my 4th time joining a gym.  Let’s take a walk down memory lane and talk about the times I’ve joined gyms and why they didn’t work out, what I liked and didn’t like about each one.

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The first time I joined a gym was in 2005.  There was a gym in Randolph owned by Glen Russo.  It was $99 for the entire year.  A sweet friend paid for the membership for me.  I went in with great expectations. I was very honest with him about being self-conscience etc. Glen worked with me to learn the equipment and helped me develop a work out plan.  I was going about three times a week and tried my best to go when it didn’t interrupt my family life.  I was working part-time so I would go when my kids were in school and husband was working.  I didn’t want to go at night because my ex made me feel guilty for taking time for myself.  Also, during the day there was less people there and I was less apt to run in to the jocks from VTC who made me feel very fat and inadequate.

I went for about 4 months and then I found out I had to have a liver biopsy.  My doctor told me I couldn’t exercise for 6 weeks.  After those 6 weeks was up I just didn’t have that the gumption to go back to exercising.  I think I went back a few random times, but it just didn’t stick.  In hindsight, I really think I could have stayed working out.  I could have walked on the treadmill, or done a very basic program on the stationary bike, but back then when the doctor said no, I followed 100%.  Not to say I am not going to follow doctors orders now, but I don’t see how walking on a treadmill would have hurt me then. It would have kept me in the habit of going to the gym and breaking that habit really hurt me.

Fast forward to the fall of 2012, I joined The Gym for Women in Barre. It is a 30-minute circuit program, similar to “Curves”.  They also had cardio equipment there. The cost was around $30 per month. I was going and doing the circuit and riding the bike a few times a week.  Then in November I found out I was going to be having my knee replaced in January 2013. I stayed going to the gym until I had my knee replaced and then I did PT at home and then did land and aquatic therapy for several weeks after my replacement and just never went back to the gym.  I joined this gym because I had one friend that was going and she had lost a great deal of weight and I was hoping that we could buddy up and keep each other on track, but that never happened, and I never made any friends at the gym either. I am really quiet and shy (honestly) and talking to new people is NOT my thing.

May 2014 I went to a friends “birthday set” at the Barre Jazzercise studio.  I really enjoyed it but I didn’t join until June of 2015. (approx. $53/month)  I LOVE to dance and I really loved combining dancing with exercise.  Again, I had a few “friends” that went and again thought that we could buddy up and keep each other on track, but that never happened. They had already “buddied” up, or they are more “acquaintances” than actual friends (I’m finding I have a lot of those).  I really liked jazzercise but my body hurt a lot trying to do it, plus I never really fit in.  It is very cliquey there.  The owner is the most wonderful person you could ever want to meet in your life and she tries to encourage everyone, but some of those girls just never left high school.  Some of the nasty comments I heard about other women while waiting in line before class started broke my heart. I hate how other women tear each other down.  We need to lift each other UP UP UP!  

For the last few months I had been researching gyms for my husband and I to attend and he just really isn’t comfortable attending a gym.  I found out that some people I know, dare I say friend again??? Attend the Gym for Women.  I reached out to one of them and asked if I join will you help me stay on track and she said yes.  I went down and joined last Friday ($37/month).  Instantly the vibe was much better than last time.  The ladies working out were chatting with me.  I went down on Saturday for an orientation and my first work-out and had a great chat with the girl who works there and another girl working out.  

I know that the common denominator here is me.  I am the one that quit each time.  I’m the one that gave up.  I shouldn’t need someone to keep me on track.  I was the one that failed.  I was the one that didn’t take advantage of all that was offered at each gym.  What will be different this time?  Attitude!  Mindset!  I’ve already reached out to a friend to say, if you don’t see me for a couple of days – reach out and ask where I am.  Exercise will be a priority.  Even after surgery.  I know I won’t be able to do some of the circuit but I can still do the treadmill, or sitting elliptical, or the stationary bike.  This time its for me and I deserve it!

What’s next in my journey? Stay tuned!


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