5 Cent Cans

Submitted 2 years ago
Created by
Margo O'Day


                            Two little boys  with plastic bags

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                                      Search trashcans and pathways

                           For the elusive returnable can    

                                    To fill their bags

                                                5:45 Am

                        You have $3.25 the clerk says,                                                                                                   

                                    With pity in his eyes

                                Unseen by these boys

                Bread, jelly, a pint of milk and a pack of gum

                            That'll be $3.15, here's your change

                            2 nickels please, asks the oldest,

                                        Thank You!

                                            6:00 AM

                            Look what we got, Mom!

    Mom makes toast and jelly for breakfast, a cup of milk each

            Jelly sandwiches for lunch, and a nickel for milk


                    Go to school boys and learn a lot

                            I love you very much,

                        To the Moon and back, forever

                                    And ever...



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