It's not supposed to be this way...


                            The job, lost with a sigh of resignation

                        Unemployment checks come to a sudden halt,

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                            Then the lights and apartment went

                        It’s not supposed to be this way....

                            Restrooms are beauty shops,

                Dumpsters rival WalMart for variety and choices

                        The last stop in a downward spiral.

                        It wasn’t supposed to be like this

                        It was just for a little while,

            Just for the summer, in the warmth….the children play

                At new campsites along rivers and in back yards

                            Then fall came.

                A light comes through the fog of despair

                    A helping hand, a friend forgotten

                And we try again with new found hope,

                    That this time we’ll make it….

                            We Hope.

            It’s not supposed to be this way, but it is.

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