From Homeless To Queen


Chloe's Journey

I meet disabled animals from all walks of life. Last weekend I saw a tiny dog that inspired me to write. I think you too, will fall in love with her.

  She weighs a little over four pounds, her light brown coat is about to get shiny and soft again. For the last two weeks, Chloe has her own pink blanket, she is well nourished, and getting all the attention she needs.

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Life was much different before.

This tiny wonder has been found roaming the streets of the South, with front legs so misshaped they make you look twice. She is the only one who knows the whole story, but her rescuers think the legs were broken a long time ago. We just hope it was not cruelty, of course we will never know. Chloe was picked up by a homeless man who kept her under his coat, protecting the little dog from wind and rain. The man, knowing he cannot provide her a home she deserves, turned Chloe in to an animal shelter. Animal shelters in the South are known to be crowded, tragically, they are often the last stop for many of the animals.  In overpopulated shelters, killing for space is not unheard of.

Chloe was there waiting when her dream came true. Potter’s Angels Rescue in North Randolph Vermont requested her transfer. Upon arrival, Chloe found herself in a warm and caring foster home. People quickly realized that this little pooch will greatly benefit from a mobility device. One of PAR’s wonderful volunteers contacted me and asked my charity for assistance. When I saw Chloe’s picture I reacted the same way many of you do. I felt awful for the tiny being and imagined what pain she must have gone through.

I of course accepted the challenge and immediately posted her on Chelsea’s Footprints Facebook site as well as on my website. I was thinking about possible fundraising activities and I knew  I will have to come up with something very effective since I already have two dogs I am ‘working on’ plus a special, very noble cause – getting a local little boy and his family funds for a much needed electric  wheelchair and funds to have  his pooch trained to be a medical companion.

While I was brainstorming, a young woman named Stacey Taylor from Worcester, Massachusetts contacted me. “I will pay for Chloe’s cart” –she wrote.  I have known Stacy for a year now, and although we have never met in person we have found friends in each other. Stacey’s cat Connor was Chelsea’s Footprints’ client after a rear leg amputation. Although Connor never accepted a cart, Stacey was grateful for the offer. We have kept in contact since Connor's surgery. I love seeing updates from the cute, spunky, gray kitty! 

To pay it forward, for many months, Stacey collected can tabs and exchanged them for funds, putting it aside for a disabled animal in the future. When Stacey saw Chloe’s picture, she knew she has found the animal she has been waiting for! 

Since that day a lot has happened.  I drove to meet Chloe’s foster mom and measured the tiniest dog I have ever seen. She was shivering and was very shy. I sent in the measurements to Eddie’s Wheels who will create a custom made device. Stacey and Chloe's  foster mom have been in contact and they are planning to meet as well. 

Chloe will never have to feel discomfort again. She will be able to rest her tired front feet and push herself forward on a snazzy, front wheeled cart.

It amazes me how we can work towards a vulnerable, less than five pound creature’s happiness. A weekend, countless phone calls and five adults have proven to me that we do know how to care, how to lift each other

Chloe and I

up and how to identify with those who suffer.

Chloe has the ability to bring out the best in us.

We have a lot to learn from her. 

Andrea Conger

Chelsea’s Footprints


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