Meet the Doula Tea
Ended May 06
May 06
3:00 PM — 6:00 PM
Price:  Free. Registration is encouraged, but not required for attending.

What is a doula? What does a doula do? Do you need a doula if you already have a partner? How do you find the right doula for you? Whether you are pregnant or just thinking about becoming pregnany, come to this free event where we will answer any questions you have. 

Several clinical studies have found that  a doula's presence at birth: Tends to result in shorter labors, reduces negative feelings about one's childbirth experience, reduces the need for interventions, and reduces the requests for pain medications and epidurals.

Research also shows that parents who receive a doula's support can: Feel more secure and cared for, be more successful in adapting to new family dynamics, have greater success with breastfeeding, have greater self confidence, have less postpartum depression.

Tea and light refreshments will be provided.

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