The First Leap off the New Dartmouth Ski Jump

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Today in Hanover and Dartmouth College History January 25 1922

The first leap off the "New" Dartmouth Ski Jump occurred today, January 25th, 1922. The honor of the first jump was given to J.P Carleton, the Captain of The Dartmouth Ski Team.

The Ski Jump that towered off the golf course on Lyme Rd opposite Reservoir Rd was actually the third official ski jump on campus.

1911 Fred Harris, Founder of The Dartmouth Outing Club, Person who conceived the idea for Winter Carnival, Soaring off the First Dartmouth Ski Jump during the First Winter Carnival.

1912 The first Ski Jump was built on the back of Dewey Hill on the slope towards the Vail of Tempe

The starting point of the Original Ski Jump 1912 ish..

1914 Dartmouth Carnival Ski Jump off the original jump.

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In 1915 a more formal Wooden ski jump was constructed with a better landing slope and outrun. This Jump was constructed on the Country Club near the first hole.

The second Ski Jump constructed in 1915, Wooden Trestle starting ramp.

Top of the old Ski Jump

The radio Club tower is visible in the left rear and the Heating plant smokestack is visible in the right rear

Ralph Steiner Jumping in 1921

The landing of the second ski jump landing down into the Vale of Tempe

The Second Dartmouth Outing Club Ski Jump Profile

The New 1922 Dartmouth Ski Jump Profile

The New Dartmouth Ski Jump with tree damage after hurricane.

Dartmouth Winter Carnival Committee inspecting new Jump 1922

looking down the Jump 1924

Dartmouth Outing Club Members preparing the jump

Winter Carnival crowds gather to witness the jumping competition.  Lyme Road, The fire station, CRREL and Richmond School are now located in the background

Christian Conrad Bugge at the Dartmouth Ski Jump

R.P. Goldthwait of Dartmouth soars into space during the ski jumping

Bob Sawyer- of Norwich Academy displays perfect form at 1947 Winter Carnival;

Two things missing from Hanover, The Ski Jump on the Golf Course and super swag Beaver Skin Coats!Thanks to the efforts of a number of individuals Ski Jumping is still going strong in Hanover and the Upper Valley.

The Town of Hanover Sicard Snowblower. An amazingly awesome machine that has fascinated me since early childhood loading snow onto the Jump

A ski threesome takes the air for the downward drop at the Dartmouth Mardi Gras of the North.

(Photograph by Dr. Leland Griggs)

Looking down from the top of the Ski Jump Prior to the demolition in 1989

Photo Credit Dartmouth College Rauner Lbrary

The coolest most Special place on campus.

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