Some aren't surprised Trump became president.

As Trump Takes Office, Many In Area Believed He'd Be Next President

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Phyllis A. Muzeroll

CLAREMONT, NH--The transition of power has taken place in Washington, and although it has been widely reported that even Donald Trump didnʼt expect to win the election, many of his supporters had no doubt as to who the next president would be. In a very unscientific survey on our Facebook page, we asked readers to share their thoughts.

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During his campaign stop in Claremont in January of last year, he answered a question as to how he planned to take back the country, boldly declaring a jam-packed audience at Stevens High School, “It begins for you people here in New Hampshire February 9. That's when it will start. We are going to knock the hell of of the Democrats and next year we will take our country back like never before. We will be better, stronger, safer and more productive than ever before!”

Donald Trump speaks to a crowd at Stevens High School in January 2016.

The wealthy businessman continued to pump his audience with statistics showing why he was the person to lead this country over the next four years, or more.

“The polls say Trump does the best with evangelicals, Trump does best with the Tea Party,” Trump loudly voiced. “I'm winning with everything. I'm winning with the smart people. I'm winning with the not-so-smart people, too.”

The weather was brutally cold outside that day, and a long line had to brave the elements to get inside the doors. Once inside, Trumpgoers had to then succumb to a screening process from Secret Service and security police personnel. Donald Aubin arrived at the scene that day at 3:00 p.m., was allowed inside at 5:00 p.m. and then stood waiting patiently almost another three hours before he got to see Trump.

“I'm 62 years old,” Aubin reported then, “and this is the most important election in my lifetime. He is self-funded. He doesn't owe anyone any favors,” Aubin responded in answering as to why he was a Donald Trump fan. Lynda Howard, another Trump supporter, said that day, “I really do believe he loves his country.”'

That he won and is now the President comes as no surprise to many in the area. “I was there with my son in front!” remembered Sherrea Dow.

“I remember it well, said Brian Meyette. “I stood in a huge unmoving line a long time in the freezing cold, then gave up and went home. I didn't take him seriously as a candidate, but I wanted to see his show. If I'd known he'd win, I'd have tried harder to get in.”

“I think along with many of us, we didn't know one way or the other. Some were hoping but at that time others were still in the race,” said Missy Bonner.

“Honestly, I didn't know how he could lose but was still hoping for Ted Cruz at that time,” said Kristin Small. “I shook his hand, took a selfie and got a Trump sign signed by him while he was at Stevens!” recalled Leeann Curtis.

“Yes, I always had total faith in him, that he would make it to the WH!” exclaimed Cindy Densmore.

“I was there, knew he would be our president,” said Rhonda SohngenSmith.

Still, not everyone had such expectations or hopes, as indicated by the huge marches across the country this past weekend.

“Heaven help us,” said one e-Ticker reader while another shared a photo from a Bernie Sanders appearance in Claremont.


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