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Appreciate the Miracle of You!

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Ann Greenwald

Transformational Tuesday - Start your march

I love what I do. I get to become my best self and help others become their best selves everyday. Dr. Ali Binazir, a graduate of Harvard College and self described “Happiness Engineer,” wrote a fun essay titled “On the Probability of You Being Born.” Looking at the odds of a boy meeting a girl, that boy impregnating the same girl, the right sperm meeting the right egg, and every one of their ancestors reproducing successfully, Dr. Binazir calculates that the probability of you being born is one in 10 to the 2,685,000 power. This number is so big and so unlikely that it meets the definition of a miracle. Therefore, YOU are a miracle. We only get one house (our body) to truly live in so its time to learn how to take care of the house and appreciate the miracle of you.

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I work as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. Like all of us, I have watched the alarming rise in obesity, chronic disease, and suicide rates in our society. I keep hearing questions like “why is this happening to me” in terms of pain and symptoms related to our bodies or concessions for “getting old”. For many years I would wonder why I felt bloated and tired, and always seemed to be fighting a headache or cold symptoms even though I was working out daily, had a wonderful family and many friends, and lived an extremely comfortable life. I knew this was not normal, and I wanted to know why. As an engineering student and researcher I have been trained to ask why and then figure out solutions to particular problems.  I worked in an orthopedic research institute and studied knee and shoulder injuries and how to reconstruct joints after injury and overuse. I continue to be fascinated with how the body works and now after 30 years of experience in the fitness and movement industry my “aha” moments of learning are truly showing the big picture of balance and “why is this happening to me”. We all have the ability to positively affect our long-term health and learn how to heal our own bodies, we just need to understand and then practice some vital skills and habits for the greatest gift we can ever give ourselves – a strong, functional, and pain free house to live in.

The human body has 11 operating systems that strive to function 24 hours a day, every day for your entire life. The eleven systems are the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, integumentary (skin), endocrine (hormones), reproductive, lymphatic (immune), and excretory. Approximately 50-100 trillion cells provide structure for the body, take in nutrients from food, convert those nutrients into energy, and carry out the specialized functions of the operating systems. It’s an amazing thing, how our bodies work! If we lived in a bubble and allowed all of the systems to operate perfectly with perfect nutrients fueling us, then life would be perfect right? Well, it would be boring, said boy would probably never meet said girl, and well, you know the rest. But luckily none of us live in that perfect bubble and we do exist and interact with an environment that is constantly putting increasing demands and pressures on us. A certain degree of stress is a normal part of living, but when it becomes excessive or prolonged then cell mutation or cell death can occur and negative health symptoms arise giving us warnings that something is wrong or not functioning normally. Our ultimate goal is balance or homeostasis within the cells and between the 11 operating systems. The five major stress areas that affect our metabolism are nutritional, physical, mental, chemical, and electromagnetic.

My goal with this blog as an edutainer (educator and entertainer because it has to be fun and meaningful to make a change or impact) is to raise our collective awareness quotient to how the body works and offer real solutions on how to do that reconstruction project on your house so you live in the best home on the block. In future blogs I will talk about specific ways to think about how you move and what you eat or don't eat in terms of building a well functioning body.  I can’t wait to help you figure out your transformation plans.


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